Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eeepaahhh Eeeeepaaahhh!

This may be the nerdiest post I ever post...but it's going to be all about how much I L.O.V.E. the EPA Website.  It's truly amazing.  You go to the home page, you look around, clicking here, clicking there, discovering the blog, the Tribal Portal, the lists of different Acts and Laws regulated by the EPA.  There is so much and before you know it you've fallen down the rabbit hole shouting:

"EeeePAhhhh! EeeePAhhh!"

Very similar to Grandpa in The Simpson's Movie...which if you haven't seen yet you should.  Even Calvin's seen it and he doesn't watch movies.

I've been working on learning a specific Microsoft website hosting software (software that makes websites) and let me tell you, this EPA website is one mighty complex beast!  The blog, Greenversations, is in part an internal blog and in part a business blog.  That just means that part of it is written for people who are concerned with and frequent the EPA regularly (sort of a very specific brand of the public) (Business) and to help communication with in the EPA (internal).

In college I took an environmental geography (NOT geology) class that was by far the most annoying, interesting and blow off class I have ever taken.  Everyday we learned about something different that made my undergrad adviser sooooo angry because it wasn't "real" science.  All I know is that I got to find water with a stick, allowing me to check another life goal off the list.  Anyways, one day two EPA representatives came and talked to us about chemicals and getting rid of them, illegal landfills, and which fish we should and should not eat.  Hence why I do NOT eat bottom feeders, and maybe why southerners are so crazy?  All that catfish?  My dad caught a catfish once when we were all fishing.  It was the first time any of us had ever seen a catfish, and let me tell you it was the freakiest and scariest and whiskery-est thing ever experienced by my family.  We didn't eat it and I doubt any of us ever will. 

Even though these visiting EPA people were from the government, I trusted them.  I'm thinking the EPA is the black sheep of government programs.  But it's not perfect, don't get me wrong.  I have also experienced a bad EPA member, but he was a lawyer, so maybe that doesn't count?

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