Saturday, April 2, 2011

Building Stuff and Working Hard

Every morning during the week there is a man who drives around all of the apartment complexes looking for scrap metal.  He has an old pickup truck that is blue and he welded bars on all the sides to make a pen.  I followed him out one morning to and got a good look at the truck.  The best way I can describe it is that he took parts of a cow pen (area surrounded by metal bars that holds the cows in a small area) and welded it to the bed of his truck to make it taller.  He then welded something to the front of the "cow pen" over the cab of his truck that holds a blue plastic tub. The tub is for the smaller metal bits.

I find this all genius. He has to be pretty smart in engineering to rig all that up, and then dedicated to drive around early every morning and pick up metal garbage from the dumpsters.  I'm assuming he sells it for a profit.  Sometimes he has washing machines and the like.  It's usually full every morning.  That's how much junk American's just throw away. 

I collect furniture in the same way...sort of.  I always keep an eye out for tables, bookshelves, dresser things that people are getting rid of.  I all of our furniture is second hand, except the two nice tables that my dad built.  But I'm not as smart as that guy, or as dedicated.

Speaking of amazing things that my Dad built, I just fully realized how much he has built.  I always knew he built my Oma's house, but I didn't know he built it by hand, nail by nail, built it!  I didn't really know that one person could build a house.  Then when Oma's house was done, a year or so later my parents go married and my dad built our house on the river.  It's on the Muskegon river near Reed City.  When I was one, we sold that house and moved to Fremont, where my parents and I (as a baby) lived in a little trailer in the part of our property where I got married, and he built ANOTHER HOUSE!  That's 3 houses in like 5 years and he was my age now.

All of that so I can get a cushy office job helping the Indians and blog about my life.  I need to get on top of things...I'm doing pretty poorly if I'm going to be great and amazing and change the world and all the stuff I said I would do when I was in 8th grade.

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