Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Never Trust A Casino No Matter How Nice The People Are

I'm in Atmore, AL today with the Poarch Creek Indians.  This morning I was in Mississippi with the Choctaw.  Everything today went wrong, one right after another...starting last night. 

Actually, starting Sunday.  Sunday is when I went to the library and picked out a novel.  A novel about a girl who goes to England on a whim to go on a Jane Austin tour and falls in love and also goes crazy and goes on dates with Mr. Darcy.  It was suppose to be mysterious and other worldly but the book wasn't that well written.  BUT I couldn't stop reading it b/c I'm a sucker for crappy love stories.  You should see how I am about the good ones!  And when I mean I couldn't stop reading it I mean I read more than half of it last night and stayed up to 1:30 in the morning.  That's why I don't read anymore unless it's a non-fiction or educational book, because once I start it takes over my life like an addiction and I make poor decisions.  No self control, no will power.  I should have brought my book on personal financial decisions I checked out from the library.

So this morning, I wake up...barely.  Get ready and go and arrive 10 min. late.  Lame.  How professional is that?  Then I try to teach the woman at the Tribe (she's very very nice) the computer programs I'm working on.  Only there was a problem in the installation of it, and I have to call our IT guy, who can't figure it out, and has to call the Fish Commish in Washington State.    Then there's another problem WHERE THE DATABASE IS EMPTY OF ALL THE PRE-LISTED LISTS.  Basically it's useless and I had to call the guy at Windsor who we work with on this.  Who told me that John installed the wrong thing, which is impossible b/c he installed what he always installs. Also, the program was uninstalled from my work laptop and I don't know when or why it happened.  It was there during the Impact Week meeting in February.  So I had to teach her all of it on programs that aren't working properly...which is what I would say about everything that deals with these programs.  I think only once have they ever worked properly.  AND there's no user manual except the one I created.  Comforting right? (that was said in sarcasm).

Then I was socially awkward and it bothered me this time.

Then I drove 10 miles in the wrong direction to go to Sonic.  Then I drove back the 10 miles and the Sonic that was there a year ago had turned into local "Sonic" knock off and sold crappy food I didn't want.  I got a foot long chili cheese dog, only it was 1.5 hot dogs that were hot pink.  I didn't get any napkins and had to eat it on my lap in the car with a crappy plastic fork that didn't cut the hotdogs.  As expected, I spilled the very last bite all over my pants and shirt.  I had one napkin I had brought from home that I was using, and at this point it was all dirty...and I had to find a clean spot to help wipe up the mess.  Then my deep fried pickles weren't as good as I thought they'd be.  I did get some fried cake fries for desert and they were delicious, but I didn't enjoy them because I was impatient to leave.  That was my fault.  I had put the open plastic container of ranch (for the pickles) in the hotdog case thing with the napkin.  I grabbed the napkin out to wipe the powdered sugar from the cake fries off my fingers and discovered too late that I had shoved the napkin into the open ranch container.  Yay.

Then I drove 4 or 5 miles to Atmore.  Through back roads, which I liked.  I listened to a new book on tape and it was pretty good except it is read by a female and all of the male characters still sound like females and the main male character sounds like a Russian and she gets all of his inflictions wrong.  And he's not russian...he's part wolf part human or something.  It's a sci-fi love story.  I didn't know it was going to be more of a romance novel than sci fi movie and it's much more closely related to Twilight than any other book I've read, only the word penis and cock were used.  And that made me uncomfortable hearing it read outloud, alone, in my car.  Pathetic really.

But I really got into the story anyways and was listening to it, and my car beeps at me.  I'm like, car, why are you beeping?  Because I'm very much on empty.  I had forgotten to get gas...  only it had been 2 hours since I had seen my last store or sign of civilization.  I searched for fuel in my gps (after stopping of course!), and there was one only 8 miles away.  I start following hte gps and it wants me to turn left into a not very well kept tiny dirt road, and I was like, no way gps you're stupid.  And I had to stop again and look at it.  Did you know that a GPS machine will not ever tell you to turn around or make a u-turn?  no it will make you drive out of your way forever so that you can turn around by taking a bunch of right or left turns in a row.  Which is what it wanted me to do then.  I just turned around and was pissed b/c it made me drive further out of my way on empty. 

I got to a gas station that looked suspiciously like it was no longer a gas station, and I drove around all of the pumps for a while and then stopped to get out and ask inside.  There was a lady leaving, I guess it was diner closing?  Not really sure, but she told me that this was not a gas station despite all fo the pumps and price sign (it was missing the middle numbers), and told me that the nearest one wasn't far.

After I got 15 gallons of gas for 51$, the GPS made me drive on all these super scary back roads through trailer parks to get back to where I wanted to go.  Only it was still stupid.  Eventually I had to stop, zoom out and look at the map on the GPS to decide my own route.  I had no other map and my cell phone was beeping with a low battery.  And I had literally no idea in the entire world where I was, except the middle of nowhere.  But I got here fine.

And I don't understand valet parking and I had way more luggage than I can carry alone (a big box full of useless laptops (yes I brought 2) and heavy binders full of manuals.) and I didn't know what I was going ot do.  So I parked far away and walking to check in.  Then I went back to my car b/c I asked about valet and figured it out.  Only it took me 5 minutes of walking around stairing into all the white impalas (yes there were many out there) looking for mine.

The valet people where very nice and they brought all of my stuff up to my room for me.  That was good.

Then I decided to get dinner and I have been dreaming of room service all day.  My options were fried chicken tenders, fried shrimp, or fried catfish.  All of which are my least favorite.  So I went down to the casino floor to see what the resteraunts offered.  Let me tell you...it was worse than airport food and more expensive and smelled of cigarette smoke.  So I bought a sandwiche with wilty lettuce.  We'll see if I eat it.

Oh and last night at the other casino, I bet a dollar at the nickle slots and on my very last credit I won 2$!!!  I cashed that baby out! I was one dollar ahead!  Tonight I decided to do the same, only the first machine ate my dollar and I had to wait to get it back.  Then the next machine didn't take my dollar and I had to put a different one in.  And the machines are stupid...I was only allowed to bet 15 credits as my minimum, not 1.   And so that didn't go into 1$ evenly, so I had to cash it out at 26 cents.  I put the ticket into a 2 cent machine that also only let me bet 15 credits...so when I had less than 15 credits left it would no longer let me play.  I cashed out my 11 cents and couldn't find a machine to change my printed ticket into money.  And I'm pissed b/c the casino tricked me into giving it that 11 cents.  That's just no right.  Piss on them.

My bed is huge and soft though and my shower has two heads (on the same side, but there are still two).

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