Thursday, March 31, 2011

To goal or not to goal

Josh and I's long run was yesterday and we did it!  It was the first time we fully completed a long run...except when 3 miles was the long run.  This one was 7 miles.  Here it is detail by excited detail-

We started out driving to the work out room, but it was in use.  It was very cold out and

Yuck.  I just bored myself to death.  let just say we ran it outside, 7 laps around the complex and it did hurt until the last lap.  Just like Nathan, my brother, said would happen.  Today it hurts all over.  My ankles, my knees, the fronts of my thighs. My mind is exhausted too.  I fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with Josh this morning.

Heather, a friend, gave me an old spider net truck bed cover she no longer needs.  My truck is now complete, and my life has been fulfilled.  Almost all life goals have been accomplished.  Sounds good right? Wrong.  'Cause now what am I going to do?  I'm going to have to set new goals without the naivety of a teenager who thinks it's all possible and doesn't see the American dream as an evil.  I'm going to have to set realistic rational goals...and there's nothing more boring than that.  How can I reach and grow with simple goals?

Here's A List of My Irrational Goals:
1.  Go into space for 1 month or more
2.  Climb Mt. Everest
3.  Descend into the volcano that has a volcanic lake at the bottom in Africa
4.  See a pyroclastic flow
5.  Be in a flood
6.  Take a camel ride around the pyramids
7.  Learn Arabic
8.  Spend time in the Antarctic
9.  Make national geograpic or Nova videos
10.  Get one of those cable tv shows where Josh and I travel and it's documented and we get paid for it
11.  Live off the grid in the forests of Hawaii
12.  Own a house built underground or into a hill
13.  Sail a sail boat around the world and never be afraid of pirates
14.  Explore one of those awesome caves that's not commercialized for the public
15.  Hike the Appellation Trail
16.  Join the Peace Corp
17.  As a volcanologist near a volcano
18.  Spend time as a horse nomad in Mongolia
19.  Grow, shear, card, spin and knit my own wool sweater
20.  Own 15 kitties, maybe start a cat shelter/sanctuary
21.  Go viral on the internet for something not embarrassing and make a lot of easy money
22.  Meet Conan O'Brian
23.  Whittle something other than a toothpick
24.  Own a monster truck
25.  Live in Tokyo - but not for very long, maybe 6 months

Okay that's enough for now.  That's really fun.  I haven't thought of or listed many of those things in a formal fashion before.  I DO have goals and their not impossible.  I just have to choose them...or become beyond famous and buy a flight into space.  Which is not the same as become an astronaut!!

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Anonymous said...

You could do # 9 10 or 11 :) Think about it