Thursday, April 21, 2011


What a day.  I think I was cynically optimistic.  I know that doesn't make sense, but I was very angry and very happy and excited at the same time.

I worked most of the day on changing my master's thesis charts from color to black and white.  It took 3.5 hrs and my hand hurt at the end b/c of all the clicking I had to do.  That's okay, I'm done with what I can do at the moment.  Calvin and Guil need to email me a few more charts and I can change them too.  Then we are submitting our final version to Mineralogy and Petrology Special Addition.  It's a special issue solely focused on accessory minerals, which is what sphene is, which is what I studied.  Only the official name is titanite but only lame geologist call it that.  By calling it titanite, that's implying that it's chemical composition is TiO2, but that's the chemical composition for Rutile, sphene (titanite)'s chemical composition is CaTiO2.  Big difference.

I sure do love minerals.  Minerals make up rocks, so I love minerally rocks...which is why I don't love limestone (the only rock in nashville besides chert nodules) because it is only calcium carbonate.  Boring...  Don't tell any of my soft rock friends this though.

Scott (a coworker) and I have a squirrel friend at work now.  The squirrel (yet unnamed) likes to crawl on the ledge out our windows and lick the dirt off the ledge.  I don't know why.  Scott put peanuts and crackers out there for him, but he ignores the crackers.  I think he either ate or knocked down two of the peanuts.

Exciting news!!!!  Sarah found a stray, but very friendly, sweet, and nice, cat in her car the other morning!  The sunroof had been left open to let the car dry out b/c it leaks when it rains.  The kitty, Esmeralda, is very pregnant...which means....KITTENS!!!!!!!  They are going to keep her and the kittens until they are old enough to be adopted out.  I can't wait to see them!  I want 6 kittens but the vet says there is probably only 3 in her.  She is very young and it's probably her first litter.  They are going to have giant heads and tiny ears and look kinda not cute until they grow into little fluff balls.  I've been craving kittens soooooooo bad.  We had a litter maybe once a year growing up and it's been so long since I've held and played with kittens.  The last time was when I visited Megan and she was fostering kittens.  That was probably 2 years ago or more.  More like 3 I bet.

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I mean Unobtainium.