Sunday, April 10, 2011

Taxes and Packing

I'm suppose to be packing.  Do you know how much I hate packing?  So much that I did my taxes instead!  It's true.  And it took me three tries.

The first time around I owed about 600$.  I was doing the 1040, and I wanted to do the one where I could deduct Josh's college expenses.  Oh, and I forgot to print out my interest paid on my student loan forms too.  Luckly I remembered to get them off the internet.  So I did them again, with my loan interest paid and I ended up owing about $400.  Then I did some major internet research to find a deduction form to allow me to deduct Josh's school expenses.  I finally found it and it required the 1040A.  So I printed out the worksheet for his deduction and realized it only counted payments on books.  Well well well.  I went to my credit card website and printed off the statements for the months that Josh spent money at the bookstore.  I highlighted those and added them up and then filled out the correct form.  I received two different credits/deductions/something I don't really understand from that.  Then I did the Make Work Pay credit which is new.  I got a huge credit from that...(I did it wrong first, and almost credited ALL our income for the year...that wasn't right at all).  Now the government owes us a little less than $200.  Josh spend nearly $1000 on books in 2010, and I didn't count the ones he bought for this last semester and I didn't count the ones he got from amazon b/c I didn't feel like going through my email to find all the amazon reciepts.  But maybe I should do that.  Money is money.

I don't know.  It's sweaty and hot here and I still have to pack and fold a ton of clothes.  All of which are worse than taxes.  I think it's the heat.

I'm so glad I'm so smart.  Otherwise I'd be writing a $600 check write now.  Smart as in good at following directions!

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