Sunday, April 3, 2011

Banana Bread Muffiny Muffin Tips

I just made the best banana muffins I have ever made.  Ever.  Unimaginably good.  Crispy, fruity, nutty...actually, I forgot the nuts...and they are still that good!! 

I thought I would give you some banana bread muffin tips.  I usually wait until the banana is super black and disgusting.  A day before it melts into goo.  This helps the banana break down easier and not make the bread taste banana-y.  I don't actually like banana bread that tastes too much like bananas. 

I put the banana and some old fruit.  Last time it was apples that were too soft to eat.  This time I squeezed orange juice from oranges that were too old to eat into the thing.  I put it into my off brand magic bullet blender thing and blend it up until it's all smooth.  This also helps in the breakdown of the banana.  My friend, Adiar, once added frozen raspberries, and I almost added strawberries today.

I used whole wheat flower today too.  I don't know if that made a difference or not.  Oh and I added ground flax seed for health.  I think the whole wheat flower thickened up the batter nicely and it was easier to scoop.

Finally I sprinkled wheat bran flakes on top.  I got the wheat bran from Whole Foods, but I think you can find it at Kroger in little bags in the health food area.  The wheat bran crisped up a little and added a subtle flavor and texture.  Other toppings I have done is brown sugar, or brown sugar mixed with butter and rolled oats.  You could also do cinnamon sugar, or just plain cinnamon I bet.  I don't like cinnamon so I don't use it.

There are other things I did tonight that make life easier too.  The wheat bran, flax seed, and also buckwheat flour I bought the other day all came in plastic bags that are not resealable and annoying to store in my little pantry.  I save larger glass bottles, such as instant coffee jar, pasta jar, other jars.  So I grabbed them and filled them with the flours and labeled them.  I twist tied up the bags with the left over flour in it (the jars were not large enough to hold all of it) and stuck it in the freezer.

Oh, something else unusual happened when I was making the muffins.  I didn't have eggs, so I had to run to target to get some, and then I was stuck there mulling over feminine shavers, nail polish, and deodorant...none of which I bought.  While I was doing this, the banana/orange mixture, the sugar and crisco, and milk were all sitting in the bowl together.  I wonder if that affected things??

There's sooo much fiber in these muffins.  I bet that's why they are amazing.  Fiber is my favorite.

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