Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fairy Dream Story

I had a dream that I was younger and fell in love with an older fairy man.  He looked just like us humans, but could do magic and was a fairy. (No wings...sort like how wizards are to humans in Harry Potter).  He brought me to the Fairy council, but didn't tell me that's what he was doing or why.  It was very secretive...and the other fairy's were unwelcoming of humans.  But I wasn't the only one there.  There were other humans who had fallen in love with other fairies.  One was a douchbag guy who looked more like a fairy (piercings/tattoos etc) from a Neil Gieman book, but was human.  His story was that the fairy who brought him made a human woman fall in love with him so that she would do stuff for him, but this other guy did things better, and the woman died of a broken heart when the fairy left her.  But the guy and the fairy didn't care.  The fairy council didn't like him because the fairy didn't truly love him and the other guy loved himself more too.  He was taken out and I don't know what happened to him, but it was nothing good.  Then the council ended for the night.  I was in the back in an area full of books with the other humans still their.  They were nice and we were practicing for a presentation/play we were going to do the next day for the fairies.  The one I was in love with rushed in on his cell phone and didn't see me and was talking about how he was in a hurry and forgot something and "Yes! I know you are my wife."  He was already married!!  Then he saw that I heard that and didn't know what to do b/c I do think he really cared for me, but I refused to talk to him.  Then I was at home and someone knocked on my door and it was a Catholic priest who was all out of sorts because a dude (the fairy I was in love with) told him to come talk to me because the priest was from my world and would know how to help me, and then the fairy made him fly through the air straight to me...which was impossible from the Christian viewpoint.

Then in real life my mom called.

If this was a real story in a book, the ending would go like this:

All of that really did happen, but the next day I refused to be a part of all of that because he was married and like Jane Eyre, I couldn't be with a married man...fairy or no.  So the fairies sent me back to my real life now and put a spell on me so that I would think it's all a dream.

And I'm okay with that because the Fairies didn't really know about compassion or empathy or true love  in any way. 


Anonymous said...

You'd think that fairies would be compassionate.

Db said...

Mmm....they can be, but in many books and fairy lore, they are not. They are beautiful and ice...not much emotion or love or caring for humans. They can be evil and pranksters.