Monday, February 15, 2010

Preparing for Tribal Council

Love Feast.  That's what I did yesterday and it was quite wonderful.  We sat around at my friend Cindy (and Rachel and Christina's house) and they read scripture about love.  Then they read some old person's testimonie about love from a book, and we passed around some bread in a heart shaped basket.  As we pulled off the bread to eat we gave a reason why we were thankful to God.  Then we had a potluck feast complete with heart shaped biskets and heart shaped jello jigglies.  It was so tastey!  Josh made popcorn for the feast because I was too busy showering. (We woke up late).  I was the only one who ate the popcorn, but trust me, everyone else missed out.  It was some of the best popcorn ever! It even made my headache go away later that night.

So after the feast, in which I'm sure I talked to much.  I always feel that I talk too much at these things.  Anyways, we sang hymns, but there was no piano accompaniment.  Then it was over.  These girls always have structured parties, and it's always surprising and fun!

Today though, was full of difficulties.  I'm leaving tomorrow to give my presentation to the Choctaw Tribe in Mississippi, and I don't have anything to wear. Story of my life, right?  So I was going to run to Target and the mall to pick up a shirt, or pants, or anything presentable.  I got into Josh's car, and his battery was dead.  I knew that would happen though because he dreamed that it was dead this morning.  And it's the third time in 2 weeks it was dead in the morning.  The odd part, really, is that this was a brand new battery.  There must be something wrong with the car. 

So no new clothes.  Then I needed to make french bread for the bible study tonight, but that takes 7 cups of flour, and I only have 1.5 cups.  So I decided to make corn bread ones.  But that called for 1.5 cups of milk and we had already determined that our milk had soured this morning.  Josh was suppose to get out of work at 1 and bring me home some milk, and then take me shopping.  But no...he had to stay until 4 because everyone else left.  I ended up making the mini corn muffins with the sour milk.  I've heard of doing that before, and it wasn't chunky, just sour.  They turned out pretty good.  So that was a problem solved.

I'm pretty nervous about my trip.  I have to give my presentation to the Tribal Council, and I don't think I'll be ready. :/  At least I am pretty confident in my ability to answer any questions.  I'm actually pretty good at that part.  

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