Saturday, February 20, 2010

Let's Go Paint A Picture

Today is beautiful!  I left the sliding door open and hung up some clothes to dry outside.  The house is chilly but not cold, and it smells wonderful in here.  It was a perfect spring day. 

I cleaned all morning in anticipation of the kitties I am going to foster.  I got a call though from the nice lady who is bringing them over, and they ran away!  They also enjoyed the nice spring day out on her sister's farm and disappeared.  She says they'll come home for food eventually.  I'm not too worried, they're kitties, and that's exactly what kitties do, be inconvenient.  I hope they are having an excellent adventure like Bill and Ted or Milo and Otis, only one is not a pug dog.  And there will be no kitten families that come back with them b/c they are neutered.  I guess it would be like if Milo and Otis were gay and eunichs.  That version would be fabulous!

I ate lunch and discovered that Law and Order: CI was on, so I watched a few episodes of that, and then when I was about to turn it off, I saw there was a painting show on.  Those are my absolute favorites, no doubt.  This show had an older, balding white guy in oversized kakis with a beer belly and a polo shirt on.  The background of his set was white criss-cross things with hot pink showing Florida in the 90's.  Complete with really ugly tropical fake plants.  The guy was so obnoxious...making fun of his wife, telling really incredibly long and slightly boring stories while NOT PAINTING.  Then he had to hurry near the end.  He even had paintings half done, so when he got to that point he would throw the painting he was working on behind him in a stupid manner and then whip out the next one.  And it was an ugly painting of poppy fields and houses on the Mediterranean.  He kept on making stupid noises too, like "Ching, Ching CHING, ching ching ching,... Some one once told me I am saying a bad word in another language when I make those noises! Ching ching Ching CHING!"  That's about where I fell asleep.  I don't even know if he finished the painting, but I doubt it.

When I woke up he was gone and BOB ROSS WAS PAINTING!  I was that happy and excited.  Bob Ross is magical and wonderful and kind and nice and loving and a good painter too.  He never makes stupid noises.  He says things like "You have to make decisions when painting because you are so powerful" and "Just decide where you want this in your little world, it doesn't matter." or "let's pretend in our world there is a little bush right here, now, there, isn't that nice?  You know me, I need to give him a friend...Everything is better with friends."  Once, he even said "Let's go crazy!" and then he painted an amazing tree.

Every time he removes his brush I think that the painting is done (even in the first five minutes) because it looks so good I wouldn't want to risk messing it up.  Bob Ross would tell me then, that it doesn't matter, you can't make mistakes when painting.  You can do it.  He's so positive and kind and peacefull.  He is magical.  He just magically makes this amazing perfect painting every time!

I'm off to pack now...I'm leaving tomorrow for the Cherokee.  I've got to talk to their Tribal Council immunity idol yet though.  I keep on losing those darn challenges!


Anonymous said...

I love that bob ross guy too, but you forgot to discribe him

Db said...

I did describe him "Bob Ross is magical and wonderful...."