Monday, February 8, 2010

My Decrees

First of all, I want to be on the Green Police Force.  I would ban the use of Styrofoam and put limits on the use of plastic utensils.  I would have timers on cars that would only allow the car to "warm up" for 10 sec in the summer and 30 sec in the winter.  If  you lived up north and could prove a need, you would be allowed 60 sec.  Disposable bottled water: completely banned. I would also increase regulations on drinking fountains...put a team of scientists on it create more "germaphobe friendly" fountains...not that they are really the germy.  And I would also demand an increase in public drinking fountains.  I would have as part of a health class, a section on living Green.  Because seriously, health class could be filled out a bit.  Students would learn that germs aren't that bad that bleach or ammonia is 100% effective and less dangerous to the environment while Lysol products are only 99% effective and dangerous to the environment.  They would that "antibacterial" soap is worse than plane soap and actualy makes you more sick because the bacteria become immune the antibacterials and it no longer works and the bacteria are harder to kill.

Those would be my decrees.

Second of all, I think that Russel Crowe will make a terrible Robin Hood.  I mean, he's very similar to Kevin Kostner.  And I did not like Kevin Kostner as Robin Hood either.  Those two men, Kevin and Russel, are "warrior" types.  They save the day by fighting better than everyone else.  Robin is not a warrior, he is a rogue.  He sneaks around and uses gorilla tactics to steal from the rich and give to the poor.  He is skinny and funny and well, rogueish.  Like the fox from Disney's Robin Hood.  He does not win the woman in open battle, he steals her away with some fighting and with her consent of course.

One friend suggested Robin Hood be played by Jack Black. I suggested Jackie Chan.  You know mix it up a bit.  Christian Bale was also suggested.  And Robert Downey Jr.

Who do you think would be a good Robin Hood?

He's funny, but not a comedian.  The Robin Hood story is a serious story, but it is light hearted.  And it did come from England, so I expect it to be very dry.  Light hearted yet filled with dry humor....  I'm thinking we need more cowbell.

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