Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ephemeral Interests?

I have a question.  One of my favorite things my college roommates did was always have an interest in something, or had a thing they were really into.  Sometimes it was pistachios, sometimes it was a certain tv show, or a theme.  Another girl who writes a blog, as a segment, 10 Things I'm Really Into Right Now.

My question is, isn't it tiresome having interests that keep on changing? Then your life/house is filled with items that are no longer current.

I think that when I have an interest, I feel the need to become an expert at it because if I don't know everything about the interest, then I'm bad at it.  I don't think this is healthy, mini obsessions like that, and it makes me tired.  I want to have interests that when I see them or recognize them it makes me happy, not tired or worried because I don't know everything.

Here is My List of Ephemeral Interests
1.  Holiday decorations
2. Shoes
3. Makeup

Nope.  All of my interests are to better my life and hopefully become habits or I hope to continue doing for a long time.  Not one month.

Here Is a List of Life Bettering Interests
1.  Office organization
2.  Storage space and maximization
3.  Planner customization
4.  Budgeting
5.  Money managing
6.  Meditation
7.  Knitting
8.  Canning/freezing food for later consumption
9.  Structuring my homelife with a schedule
10. Shoes

What boring interests, no wonder I wish I had some whimsical interests.  Shoot me for using the word whimsical.  Here is another list:

Made Up Interests That I Wish I Was Interested In But Am Too Busy To Do Anything About It
1.  Music and matching it to my mood/activity
2.  Belts, scarfs, and accessories
3.  Tea Parties
4.  Themed Parties for Little Known Holidays
5. Practicing Survival skills in the wilderness
6.  Campfire cooking

That was REALLY hard to come up with that list.  Can you do any better?


Aunt Lorie said...

Have all the interests you want! BUT do NOT get tattoos for each one like SOME people I know! If I had gotten a tattoo for everything I ever was interested in I would be in Guiness Book of World Records or the Illustrated Woman or something. As I got fatter, there would be more space for more tattoos!

Db said...

A tattoo? Of my planner next to my favorite pair of shoes? What an EXCELLENT idea! LOL :D

Anonymous said...

1. Creating family traditions for our family of four.
2. Testing the limits of procrastination.
3. Reporting license plates of any speeders/parents with children not buckled in seat belts or carseats/people who pass on double yellow lines or more than one car at a time.
4. Paying close attention to anyone who pulls into the parking lot at work whose vehicle I don't recognize.
5. Finding new and/or creative ways to remove hair while avoiding razors as much as possible.
6. Searching for grey hairs and plucking them when applicable.
7. Looking at photographers' websites for picture ideas to steal (ahem, borrow!).
8. Looking up recipes for vegan food which I'll maybe, hopefully, someday have the energy and money to make into a bunch of nutritionally balanced frozen meals for me.
9. Learning how to make customized vegan bento boxes.
10. Decorating each room in our house with a theme from a different country or theme. (So far, I've started in one room by putting one picture up.)
11. Planning our 10th wedding anniversary/honeymoon trip.

Db said...

Those are all excellent interests Kimmy! I was interested in bento boxes for a while, and then I got one and it was too tiny for me. Normally, I'm against people going out of their way to get someone else in trouble, but I totally support and agree with you reporting all of those terrible drivers! Probably because I have a strong deep anger against stupid drivers and endangering others.

Ryan said...

Next time you're over, we'll get out the tea set mom gave us for our wedding. :) It's Alice In Wonderland themed!

Db said...

Yeah! Then we totally get to have a tea party AND use a wedding gift. It's a twofer.

Heather said...

Ephemeral Interests

1. The politics of economics.
2. That Mitchell & Webb Look
3. So-called positive psychology
4. Criticisms of so-called positive psychology
5. Brain imaging
6. Shufflin'. Every day.
7. Getting all my alts to 85
8. George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire
9. Old school funk
10. Making daily tidying/cleaning a household habit