Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I don't think I've mentioned it on here yet, maybe I did...but I have cut gluten from my diet.  I started July 10 as my first gluten free day.  Since then, when I don't accidentally eat gluten, I have been a lot more awake and a lot more happy/productive on the whole.

Let me tell you about gluten.  It comes from wheat and it's one sneaky ass mo'fo'!  It's on or it contaminates many many things.  Like my oatmeal breakfasts, my *sniff* high fiber cereal, pizza, pasta, cheap cheese crumbles, beer, boneless wings, anything breaded, cookies, cake, donuts!, BUT NOT CRUNCHY CHEESEY POOFS!  My life is not pure torture.

I can find gluten free bread, pasta, and pizza, but it's more expensive and I have to drive farther for it...into Green Hills.  Ugh.  Or Franklin because Franklin has everything.

The point is today someone brought in a tin of Doubletree Cookies.  Ugh...with WALNUTS I forgot.  Walnuts are not gluten but they make me feel terrible too.  Anyways, Doubletree is a super fancy hotel and I always like it when I can stay there.  I looked into the tin and thought "Can hotel cookies be any good?   Holiday Inn...no.  Doubletree...maybe."  I saw it.  It looked gooey and just cooked.  A good sign that it's delicious.  I closed the tin.  Then I opened it again.  Then I closed it.  I read the ingredients.  There were just the basic ingredients...no preservatives or stuff I couldn't pronounce, including flour.  I opened the tin.  I took out the cookie and I smelled it.  I sniffed it again.  I put it back.  I took it out. 

I ate it.

It was so damn good I almost orgasmed.  Best. Decision. Ever.

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