Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Churches Hold Happiness and Sorrow

When I was young and silly, I broke up with a boy, and made the mistake of doing it in a garden area of one of Fremont's churches.  Now occasionally, when I look at hometown wedding pictures, I see pictures of the bride and groom, and I think, That's where I broke up with XXX.  I remember that moment well. 

I like it in that I can see a spot that holds such great sadness and such great joy.  I think I was even in a wedding and a picture that was in that spot too.

And of course I can't tag the photos on facebook with "Do you see that spot, where you and your husband are so happy? Yeah that spot.  I broke up with a boyfriend there.  You know him.  It was very sad."  Nope.  Can't do that even though the thought amuses me.

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