Friday, July 22, 2011

Josh's Plan

Well well well.

We meet again.

I just ate boneless chicken wings.  Boneless chicken wings sound like they are gluten free, but they are tricky...they are coated in gluten.  I ate them anyways because they were delicious.  Now I feel tired and sick, as I knew I would.  The bonus is that I will never forget and get boneless wings again.

Apparently, according to my husband, I am terrible at womaning the alarm in the morning.  There are 2 reasons for this.
1. The alarm is our Droid phone and so I accidentally turn it off sometimes by sliding my hand over it instead of just pressing the little ball.
2.  I get resentful that I'm always the one that has to make us get up, so I just keep hitting snooze until it's too late or Josh gets up.  This is a stupid reason.

Josh came up with the solution: we switched sides on the bed.  We can't move the phone over because the corner by Josh's side is a Dead Zone and drains the battery, so we have to move ourselves.  Last night was the first night we did this.  Josh woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me that Ackbar walked on him and visited him while he was sleeping.  Then he talked about it in the morning too.  He was so excited.  I forgot that Ackbar never wakes Josh up in his old spot, but only crawled on me every night!  Have you ever woken up with a 14 lb cat standing on you? Two feet pressing into your stomach and two feet directly on the most painful part of your boob?  That hurt for the next 6 hrs!  I'm so happy he gets to visit Josh now instead of me.


Sally Durham said...

Lol, too funny! Enjoy the visits Josh, I also have a large kitty that walks on me at night and decides its a great time to drop (ie slam) his play mouse into my closed eye so we can play fetch! Lindy, so happy you don't need to fight with your smart phone in the am!

Ryan said...

Josh probably didn't tell you this:

Our old cat, Harpo, always slept with me on the bed, in the bed, on my pillow... The nights that he slept on my pillow, he would often wake me up by clawing and biting my head. I guess I would roll over and he didn't like it. :p

Anonymous said...

Aw, I miss Ackbar, and you and Josh.

Jacque said...

Omg your cat is adorable! My cat attacks my feet while I'm asleep and sometimes sleeps buried in my hair. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I don't think any of your interests are lame at all. I usually write a post about the things I'm into once per month. Sometimes I can think of tons of things to write about, and others times, I have some trouble thinking of things that aren't just repeats of the previous month. When I have trouble, I try looking at image database websites like or Looking at the images usually inspires me or reminds me of something that I really like. Hope that helps out a little!! Shoot me an email or comment if you have any questions or need any help!! :)