Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Weekend of Summer

What a weekend!  It was one of the like I haven't seen in a long time! 

There was adventure, there was drinking and cleaning, there were movies, there was love, fighting and steak! 

On our way back from finding us wine, two bottles of slightly higher than bottle shelf wine, Josh heard from the open window of my truck, screaming.  It could be one of two, someone went crazy and was shooting people at the movie theatre, or two:  THE CARNIVAL WAS BACK! 

Josh soon figured out it was option two and drove us past.  There were maybe 8 rides, 3 food stands and 30 people, all in the back parking lot of the Hickory Hollow Mall.  A mall that doesn't allow children under 17 inside unattended on Friday or Saturday nights.  We waited in the ticket line and the old man carny couldn't hear and tried to sell Josh 10 tickets instead of three.  Josh got that fixed a lot easier than I would have and we went to wait to be loaded on the Ferris Wheel. 

That was $6 (total) for one of the most scarey rides of my life. The whole thing wobbled and creaked the entire time.  The seats and everything involved in the Ferris Wheel was dirty.  The man running it was making fun of the 3 yr. old who was screaming to be let off, which meant I couldn't scream no matter how much I wanted to.  I also decided that Ferris Wheels are not romantic, just scary and dirty.  Josh tried to kiss me but I was too scared to move my head, so I could only move my lips towards him.

I still had nervous butterflies in my stomach when we reached my truck on the way back, and Josh mentioned that we should have bought flasks and did shots of vodka up in the Ferris Wheel.  That thought made me almost throw up right there.  No way would I ever ever do that!

That night, Josh and I played Pirates Drinking Dice, which I won 2 times!  Based more on my luck of the rolls than my ability to bluff.  I can't actually bluff, but Josh thinks I can, so that helps a little too.  We also sat around and discussed the government and wars, etc. 

On Saturday we went to the $1.50 movie, and for half the amount of a Ferris Wheel ride, we watch the new X-Men movie.  It was good.  Not Iron Man or Batman good, but it was decent.  I'd say I spent the right amount of money on seeing it and it didn't waste my time.  The young Charles Xaviar actor looks like my chiropractor though.  That was unsettling. Also, to my utter dismay, the ultimate bad guy in the movie was played by non other than Kevin Bacon. Bleh.  I dislike looking at him with a passion.  I've always disliked him.  Luckily he was evil in the movie and I didn't have to like his character.

Sunday I went to Church and Grocery shopping while Josh worked.

Then we grilled a steak and made Chimichuri sauce from garlic, oil, and parsley. It was amazing!  One of the best steaks ever.

Today school starts for Josh and summer is over.

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