Friday, September 2, 2011

Casual Friday: Casual Blog Day

I have a lot to say today and I'm just going to write it here instead of putting it in emails to everyone...most of it is random anyways, which is why it's List Day!

1.  I don't want a felted purse made from Ackbar's shaved off fur.  That's creepy and his fur isn't shaved off.

2.  I do want to craft a lot.

3.  I'm thinking about becoming the one thing I swore up and down I would never be growing up...a farmer.  There is just such a large appeal to growing my own food (meat and veggies).  Plus I accidentally watched Fast Food Nation last night, it was on NPT (Nashville Public Television), and it's causing me to rethink my food choices.  It was an informative movie, but I hesitate to watch obviously biased documentaries because I'm about the truth, not opinions and facts twisted to make a good movie.  I blame my non-fiction films class I took in college.

4.  MY RICKSHAW PLANNER FOLIO COMES IN TODAY!!!!!!  I've been checking the mailbox all week even though I knew it comes in today.

5.  That's a lie. I didn't check it yesterday because the further back under the buildings towards our mailbox I got, the more larger spiders I saw.  I only made it half way in before I turned around.  It was like walking into a cave of spiders.  Spiders above me, spiders below me, spiders on every side of me, just waiting to drop down or pounce on me. 

6.  I've had more spiders drop down onto my face than the average person.  I am not paranoid, I learn from experience.

7.  Buckminster Fuller is the sweetest person I know of, right after Abe Lincoln. If my truck was male, I would call it Bucky Truck after Buckminster Fuller.  But it's female, so I call her Breezy after the washboard player in Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band.

8.  My new favorite blog is and The author spouts the anger and sarcasm that I wish I could.  But I'm too shy to even tell you what the F stands for in CF4L.

9.  I let someone in infront of me this morning while driving to work.  He then insisted on driving 15 mph below the speed limit.  That sure tested my patience and ability to Christian love strangers.

10.  Someone brought in donut holes today and I can't eat them because they have wheat/gluten.  I thought about saying screw it and eating it anyways.  I even picked it up and smelled it.  Then I remembered I had Butterfingers in my drawer.  I ate one of those instead of the donut holes.  Way to go me!

11.  I lost 5-6 lbs!!  I stood on the scale and leaned forward to make me as heavy as I could be, and the scale still read less than what I had originally weighed! And it was at night when you weigh more too.  That's what I call progress!

12.  My coworker asked why I didn't wear lipstick today..."It looks so nice on you."  I didn't wear it because it's Casual Friday.  I also call it No Bra Friday in the winter when I can wear big sweatshirts and No Makeup Day the rest of the year.

13.  Why are older men concerned about my lipstick? Why do they even notice it?  I've spent WAAAY to long around geologists I think.  Those men don't approve of makeup..if they notice it at all.  I think if Calvin happened to notice, he would be confused as to why I was wearing lipstick and definitely wouldn't say anything. Hehe.  Calvin noticing lipstick makes me laugh.  (Calvin was my graduate adviser and most awesome person ever, right up there with Bucky Fuller.)

14.  Makeup has no purpose if you are hiking in the mountains in the desert, all hot and sweaty.  Geologists feel the need to dress and look like at any moment they could be out there hiking.  Hence the plethora of plaid shirts, tevas with socks, Brunton Compasses attached to the hip and their magnifying lens around their neck.  I don't know why the beards are there...  luckily I can't grow one.

15.  Namaste Bitches!

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