Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Saying Things

What should I say?

I ate left over Mexican and it was more delicious the second time. 

I had my job review today.  It went well. :)

Josh and I discussed Dragon Ball Z...I'm still not that interested.

I remembered that Josh's mom got us a wine stopper thing with handmade wood top and used it.  Then I drank all the wine and it's no longer being used.

I lost at racket ball, again.  This time it was closer than ever...18-21.  Soon I will win.

I do not like losing at racket ball.

I liked my apartment tonight.  Moving is going to be a pain in my ass when it happens.  That's all I can think about usually...how I'm going to have to pack everything up.

That's it.  Time to get off.

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I agree