Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quick List of Things

1.  Need coffee
2.  Not satisfied with life currently...
3.  Going to see Jonathan Coulton
4.  Ran 5 miles yesterday, today I have off!
5.  Have bittersweet relationship with insurance companies
6.  Figured out where my money is going....$300/month in health insurance!  It all makes sense now, and I hate it.  But all I have to do is reach down and feel the platinum screws inserted with gold drill bits in my ankle to know that I love insurance really.
7.  Watched Grandma's Boy again...still LOVE it
8.  Knitted, on round 8 of 56
9.  A woman from the IHS saw the Lions sticker on my (SWEET) truck and had to come inside and meet me and introduce herself because she grew up in Michigan.
10.  Life is better

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