Friday, October 4, 2013

In Which We Experience Different Color Roofs

We signed up for WIC yesterday and it was pretty much the opposite experience of what I thought would happen.

First my directions I had written down, said go into the building with the red roof, facing M37.  So we did and that was the wrong building.  We needed to go to the one in back with the green roof.  We did.  The first window we stood at told us it was the wrong window and the right one was the one "right over there".  WHY WERE THERE NO SIGNS!?  I don't know.  And I was a little worried at not being 5 min. early for the appointment.

Oh, skip to the moment we walked into the building.  There was a giant wall mural on the wall of a woods/nature scene of Newaygo County.  It had every animal and bug and plant that we see in the woods when we go on a walk (and combine a lifetime of walks into one mural).  I've never seen a Puma, but they are native to here.  We were confused as to why there was no Wolverine. :/  There is also the alphabet hidden in the mural.  A sign said it was for parents and children to look at instead of having toys in the waiting room.  A local artist had painted it.  I wish I could have one of those in my house so bad.  I asked Josh if his mom could paint Lilly one. I bet she could. ;)

So back to finally getting to the correct window.  Inside was a very nice lady who instructed us to come into her office (the other side of the window, but we were able to go through a door).  She didn't introduce herself, she didn't ask about who Josh was, she just jumped straight into finishing up my paperwork.  I didn't even know at this point if I qualified for WIC or not.  She was the sweetest, nicest, most absent minded lady I have ever met.

Then two minutes into the interview, another lady came and asked if our lady could help her.  And the lady was like, What? I just started this intereview.  Only in a polite friendly way.  And the other lady gave her a LOOK and said something in code so we wouldn't be eaves dropping.  And our lady was like "okay!" and rushed out of there.  Then we sat there for five minutes listening to a young boy scream like he there was an exorcism conducted on him and the wall behind me kept on shaking because someone kept on bumping into it.  We have never heard a child be so angry and scared and yell like that.  Turns out he just didn't like getting his finger poked so they could check his iron levels.  I can understand that.

Then the lady came back and finished getting me my WIC card.  I asked her about where to get Medicaid, and she said the building with the green roof.  Which if you remember, is the building we were in now.  HA!  I felt totally vindicated when she said that because Josh had questioned my directions I had written down about going into the red roof.  It was my fault!

Then we thought we were done.  Nope.  Then we had to go talk to the lady who needed help with the boy.  She weighed and measured Lilly (10 lbs and some ounces!).  She weighed and measured me, and commented on how the height I gave were was shorter than what I was, and usually women round up!  Well, I knew my height, 5 foot 1 and 3/4 inches tall.  I don't like to confuse people with the 3/4 inch part, so I just round down.  I can't round up because I'm just not that tall.  If I was, I'd be the same height as my mother.

Then we talked to her for a while about nutrition and answered more questions.  OH YEAH! When she poked my finger for the iron, I was prepared for the pain.  It's my least favorite thing to do.  And it didn't hurt!!!  It was the best finger poking experience I've ever had! I  made sure to tell her.  Then she explained to us about the little boy we overheard.

So she loaded my WIC card. It works a lot different than I expected.  I get a package that can change as Lilly grows older.  On it is a list of food I can get for the month, and I must get that food exactly.  I can get three 16oz jars of peanut butter (that's a hella lot!), but it can't be Jiff brand because Jiff is making their jars only 15oz now, and that won't work.  I can get a lot of cheese and a lot of milk.  Mostly food that is good for breastfeeding mothers to make sure I get my nutrition.  Which makes me super happy, I had been trying not to eat all of my mom's peanut butter!  I knew I wasn't getting enough protien and filling up enough at my meals here.  We eat mostly fruit and veggies, which is healthy for people not nursing.  I've even been choosing to drink cups of milk and orange juice, normally things I don't like.  So I was really happy to get this.  WIC is a supplemental food card, NOT food stamps.

Then after that interview, where the lady was super nice and not judgey.  I was able to get Lilly immunized!  It was on my list of things I wanted to do badly, and I didn't know going in, it would be that easy!  I just filled out a form at the first window I stopped at in that building (luckly I had brought her hospital paperwork with her first shot recorded on it!), and then they took us back and Lilly got her immunizations.  I think for $16 each.  Not over one hundred like I was expecting.  Lilly cried and was soo sad and angry.  I cried a little bit.  She is happier today.

After that, they made sure I saw a nursing consultant, and we talked and answered questions I didn't even know I had, and she gave me an insert for my breast pump to make it fit better! I had looked at walmart, miejer, and target for this insert and Babies R' Us, and it wasn't anywhere.  I almost paid a lot of money to order it off the internet!  Did you know that babies drool because they are teething or starting to?  I didn't!

After that we were finally able to leave.  It was so easy, didn't require repeat visits and many appointments to wait for. The people were nice and respectful.

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