Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Little Bit Redneck

We are moved to Michigan now and settled in.  There are so many new and interesting things to see and do!  We toured the new Newaygo County Historical Museum during the Logging Festival, then later we went on a walk along the river in Newaygo and I showed Josh the old museum site where I used to work.  I was able to navigate overgrown mysterious paths to find the hidden wall you jump into the river from.  I showed him the turbines under the building.  I saw how someone cleared all the brush and planted grass and added giant cement fish head statues to this empty area by the building.  When I was 19, I worked at the museum as a supervisor to 6 high school students with ADD and work attitude problems and didn't respect me as authority.  The old woman who was in charge said, "Take these old electric weed wackers and make the boys clear all the brush."  Then she left to missouri for the summer.  What happened is that these older guys who were just out of the military and big bullies that used to work there came by and tried to intimidate me and boss everyone around.  They got a back hoe tractor from somewhere, dug up part of that hill, and then left the tractor setting there for several weeks.  I thought I had failed at that job and was a very poor worker.  It wasn't until recently did I realize that that old woman gave a child a job that would take a team of at least 5 adults to do.  I did not fail any body, I could not do that job with the tools (NONE but some ass old weedwackers and kids with bad hips and limps) I was given.

I took an hour off and had a beer at the Newaygo Bar.  I got Founder's Two Hearted Stout, and was expected to pay a minimum of 5$ for it.  NOPE! It was only $2.50!  I could have gotten two!

We went to my cousin's wedding and it was beautifully decorated!  It was a wedding out of a magazine.

We went to Crystal Lake, a small lake with a public access a couple miles from my house.  Lilly fell asleep in the breeze and in the shadow of a tree.  We watched a crazy drunk grandma drive up and demand her grandson back from his mother.  The grandma did have papers to prove she had custody.  The daughter told her mother not to mess with her, she went to prison.  She was in prison for 6.5 years, and the grandma raised the boy for 10.  The grandma was pissed because she found a 10$ lotto ticket in her house, but had to buy the boy used underwear.  I felt so bad for the boy...we had been sitting watching him try to interact with the other kids at the lake.  One of the girls said to the other girl about the boy "Is he your brother?" 
"No, he is not my brother."
"Is he your cousin?"
"Then what is he?"
"I don't know."

The the mom of those girls who was bragging about her big milk filled boobs (which were small compared to my experience), got mad at the grandma for swearing, and punched teh grandma.  The Grandma fell over on the ground.  Then they both were up and their friends/daughter had to hold them apart.  The men on the porch on the hill behind the lake yelled and threatened to call the cops.  The grandma got in her van and drove away, and in her rage, nearly hit the couple of old people sitting peacefully right next to the entire fight.  Everyone decided to pack up and leave, including Josh and I.  Just as we were getting to our car, I saw the grandma back down the road (as in, she drove forward, out of sight, got pissed again, and backed up instead of turning around), she pulled into the parking lot and blocked in her daughter, boyfriend and grandson.  Also, they blocked in our car, and all got out and continued to fight.  The men at the house called to us and let us sit on their porch and also called the cops.  We sat on the porch with a perfect view of the fight for the next 30 min, while a cop came, calmed everyone down, and finally we felt confident the grandma was calm enough to let us out.

Before we had left for the lake I had warned Josh it was a "Little bit redneck."

There is more and more of amazing stuff I've seen, but I've run out of energy.  I want to take Lilly for a walk.

Here, I'll list it quick.
1.  Snakes
2.  Gardens
3.  Pennies in a bag of water
4.  Christians Magical Dungeon (celler)
5.  Christians music for life
6.  Haybale art and how it offends me immensely
7.  Drunk Central Girls
8.  Popov guy  aka Townies
9.  all of the resale stores in Fremont
10.  Yoga
11.  Visiting old friends
12. Brewing beer
13.  Fires

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