Sunday, October 20, 2013

This is Not What I Was Going To Write When I Sat Down

This morning I got up earlier than normal and was preparing to make Buttermilk Pancakes for my family.  I was busy conning my mom into clearing off the countertop and wiping it down, when she asked me where my coffee was.  I was too busy working to pour it.  So I stopped and got my coffee ready.  But then I didnt' even sip it or taste it because it was back to work measuring out the flour.  Then I realized that the measuring spoons were dirty from the night before when I made me a mug brownie.  So I washed all the nighttime dishes.  I still hadn't tasted my coffee.

When I worked for the last 4 years my routine in the morning was the best part of the day.  I get to work, I say hi to my coworkers I pass, and try not to make too much conversation before coffee and while I still have all my stuff in my hands.  Then I set my stuff in my office.  My lunch bag goes on the tray on the bookshelf and my purse goes on the floor below it.  My coat gets hung up behind the door and my hats, scarfs and mittens go on the tray next to the lunchbag.  I would get made fun of for my hats and scarfs and mittens because since I'm from Michigan I should be able to handle the cold.  I do handle the wearing hats, scarfs, and mittens. Durh.  Then I would be questioned about not keeping my lunch in the fridge...isn't my food going to spoil and make me sick?  Little do they know, that's why I don't get sick ever...I constantly live on the edge and injest germs to build my immunity.  Quite like the Dread Pirate Roberts and iocane poison.

Then I go to the kitchenette and make my coffee and fill my water bottle.  If I'm good, I washed my water cup and coffee mug the night before.  I'm usually not good though.  So I wash the items.  My mug is green and large and has a pretty brown flower petal pattern. I  bought as a gift for my friend Kimmy, but loved it so much I kept it.  It's a perfect office coffee mug.  Large, pretty, yet still professional. And if there's one thing I learned there, it's that looking professional and looking like you work hard is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than doing good honest hard work.  I truly can't emphasize that enough.  My water cup is more about my personality.  It's the plastic kind with the lid and plastic straw.  It looks like a fountain drink cup, but it's reusable.  It's dark grey black transparent with a red straw.  It says MTAC and has a red moon circle thing design. I got it from the Mid Tennessee Anime Convention Josh and I went to, and our friend, Amy, helped very hard to make happen. 

I fill the water cup up with water from the tap and I think about everyone else who uses the filtered fridge water.  I wonder what the true difference is.  What does the filter filter out? When was it last changed?  How does running through tiny plastic tubing effect the water?  How is my tap water going to taste today?  You don't drink it during the end of summer/fall after all the water has dried up and it starts tasting like algae.  Sometimes I'm judged for drinking the tap water.  Sometimes it's suggested to me that I don't drink it b/c I'm preggers, sometimes I'm in there with the drinking water people and they agree with me that it doesnt' matter.  It all depends on who is in the kitchenette with me at the time.  Mostly I try not to make eye contact or get in the way if I'm in a bad mood.

I prepare my coffee before I fill the water cup.  It's a Keurig machine.  I open it up, and take the old cup out that everyone didn't throw away when they were done.  I toss it into the garbage can. I got really good at making it.  Once I got pregnant, if I missed, I just left it on the ground.  Ain't no way I'm bending over for that.  Then I put my dark roast coffee kcup in.  I wonder if there is a difference in caffiene in the dark vs. light roast.  You can find the answer in one of my previous blog posts.  And I make my cup of coffee.  I have the same cup of coffee every single day.  Every. Single. Day.  Same height on the mug, same strength of coffee flavor, spash of whatever white liquid I can find in the fridge (sometimes it's half and half, sometimes it's milk, sometimes it's soy milk, sometimes, if I'm lucky, it's coconut milk or almond milk), and some sugar.

Then, once all that's ready, I go sit down at my desk.  Sometimes, one lady is in there and she's a talker, and she talked to me through the whole process and then I leave and she's still talking.  I can hear her in the kitchennette chatting on to no one.  I feel bad, leaving like that, but after a few years, it just happens. 

At my desk I take my first sip and start typing up emails to my friends and family, thinking about blog posts, maybe reading some USDA articles and I get on with my day.

And that's why you have just read this post...I took my coffee today, sat down and typed while enjoying my coffee, just like I used to.  If I didn't, if I kept on making the pancakes, I'd still be half way done with my first cup, instead of my second!

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