Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Hermit Life

I am having a hard time figuring out what to tell you following.  All of the most interesting parts of my life right now, the best commentary, the funny observations, are not mine to share.  They are my parents and they live a hermit life in the woods.  Someday I hope to have my own hermit life in the woods.

Some rules I will have in my hobbit house.  Yes, it will be underground and with a round door...the has been established for a while.  Rule #1:  I only do dishes in the morning or before dinner.  I do not do dishes after dinner. 

That's as far as I got on my rules. 

What can I share?  My dad gave me some good advice.  Yesterday I was watching him do some underground plumbing to add another outdoor spigot to the line connected to the old outdoor spigot.  He dug a ditch to put the line in and I learned about the draining of the pipe and the plastic bucket protector.  And I noticed that my dad dug a shelf into the ground to set his tools on.  That was an amazing idea!  It would take me years to figure that trick out.  Heh.  Dad says he's been digging water line ditches since he was a kid, so he's had years to figure it out.  Anyways, I was trying to talk to him about the shelf and how impressed I was.  He told me "Well, to work underground you've got to dig a hole."

So simple, yet so deep.  Before you start any project, you have to get to where you can work on it.  Before you can invite yourself over to use a person's pool in the summer, you've got to become their friend. 

I've been going to yoga with my mom.  It's an advanced level class and it's amazing!  I assume it's advanced, we are doing stuff I've never done before.  There is one move, Camel Pose, which I call Camel Toes in my head, that I cannot do.  You sit up on your knees, with your toes down, then reach behind you and bend backwards and grab your heels.  Sounds easy, but I just don't bend that way.  Most of the women are my mother's age, or closer to that age than mine.  After Yoga we go to a diner owned by one of the ladies and eat breakfast/lunch.  So far I've eaten Eggs Benedict (DELISHIOUS!) and a Baked O which is not a Big O.  A Baked O is a ring of oatmeal cake cut into slices and topped with fruit.  It's warm and oatmeally and not sweet like cake.  It's not my favorite.  I then had just plain oatmeal.  It was very good.  I didn't top it right, so I might try again next time.  I had almonds on it and craisins.  Next time I want fresh blueberries and almonds with more butter, milk and cinnamon and brown sugar. 

Anyways, there the ladies talk.  Many are local artists.  I'm getting the in on the art scene and on what the big red building in Newaygo is going to be turned into.  But not the big red building with the lions on top.  They all stop to listen to me talk when I talk.  I don't know why.  Are they being nice? Are they truly interested? Or are they treating me like a youngling?  I don't know, but eating with them reminds me of a feel good woman movie.

About parenthood?  Well, Lilly has little fits when she's nursing and she finishes one side.  She gets very angry and waves all of her appendages around.  I think it's the cutest thing ever, but it worries me.  How and when is she going to express that anger when she is older?  I feel that I have the same anger, so maybe I can help her work through it.  My anger is expressed when I am forced to do dinner dishes after dinner instead of in the morning.  I get angry and complain loudley and flale around.  I still do the dishes on time though.  I may complain, but I'm still a responsible adult.

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