Wednesday, October 16, 2013

All About Ackbar

Yesterday Lilly learned that she can talk non-stop.  She sure has a lot to say and I have a feeling it's all bossing me around or bad jokes.  She does smile real big then look to the side with her eyes and rub her hands together like she's doing something sneaky.

Ackbar caught a mouse, we assume it was him, and ate the head but left the body by our car.  Dad told me to take care of it, so when I was taking the bucket of litter to the woods (no need to throw it out) I asked him to put it in the bucket since he was wearing cloves.  No.  He told me to just kick it away.  Kick it away?  We are in the middle of the parking area, there are no trees around for like 30 feet or more, where am I going to kick it?  So I said no, you kick it.  And he did, right under Josh's car. "There, something will get it."

Ackbar climbed the plumb tree in the orchard.  He explored all of the branches.  The trunck goes up maybe 5-6 ft then splits into branches that go outward making a canopy instead of going up higher.  In total I think it's a 10ft tall tree.  Ackbar run up and down all of it looking for the blackbirds that were flocking in near by trees making tons of racket.  I took pictures.  Then Ackbar ran into the tent and inspected it while Josh packed up and took it down.  We camped in the orchard.  Then Ackbar spent a good three minutes sniffing around in some cut grass clumps looking for the perfect spot to poop.  We then discovered that he has diarrhea (mouse heads) and Josh had to wipe his butt.  No worries, he got his flea medication the same day and soon he will get his worm meds.

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