Friday, October 25, 2013

Ackbar Is Adjusting

Well well well.

What a week it has been.  Nothing too exciting, but not pretty exciting all the same.

Yesterday I went out to a friends' house to use their high speed internet to apply for medicaid (thank you fellow tax payers) but the stupid government is stupid.  I also forgot the password and login codes for the application we had started.  So no medicaid for us yet. 

Then I came home and got really annoyed because my bra kept on sliding up above my boobs.  I couldn't believe they had gotten so big!!  Stupid milks and stupid double 'merican double standards.  All the women want big boobs but the stores refuse to sell bras big enough for big boobs.  Turns out I put on my sports bra-like bra backwards.

Today the concrete guy (Josh 2) came and poured the cement for the parent's patio.  A big blue cement truck came and put giant ruts in the hill of the yard.  I photo-documented the whole thing.  Lilly liked to be held and to watch the cement work.  First they poured it, then they smoothed it, then they sprayed a chemical on it, then they sprayed the top muddy layer of cement off.  The little pebbles are exposed, like the sidewalks at Vanderbilt.  I never knew how they did that, but I wondered a lot while walking around there.  There was some issue with the chemical they sprayed on, I personally think they were sold the wrong one, but it didn't work like it was suppose to.  Josh 2 called the man and cursed him out a bit.  It looks good still.

Josh and I helped gather leaves to put leaf imprints in the top of the steps cement spots.  Then we gathered sticks for the fire we are having tonight.  Dinner is hotdogs over the fire.  I was thinking today about how much fun I was having.  How satisfied with life I am.  What if I was still in Nashville?  I'd sit in the office all day, clean my computer...digitally and phsyicaly, maybe read some blogs, read about organization, then drive home and sit inside there, watch the neighbors, then go to game night.  Now I do miss game night, a lot, but I love being outside so much more than anything else.    AND I did clean my dad's laptop.  I got all the dust off and dug a ton of dust out of the mouse wheel. The wheel button, not the ball below..he has a laser one now.  I didn't know you could get so much dust and fuzz into the mouse wheel.  I also got all of the laundry folded and put away.

Now I'm enjoying a crisp Angry Orchard Hard Cider.

Josh had a hard day too.  Lilly peed right on his hand and as she did she shouted "PEEEEEEEDOM" William Wallace style.


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