Sunday, November 24, 2013

In Which I Think New Thoughts

I've been thinking lots of new thoughts because there is lots of new things to think about.  I like to think about my knitting projects and how I'm going to finish them and what the next steps are.  I like to think about the yarn I have and what I'm going to knit with it. But I try not to get too excited because I'm the slowest knitter there is.  It's a good week if I manage two rounds a day.  I knit for 10 minutes when my mom is cooking and Lilly is in her high chair, and I sit at the island and talk to my mom while she cooks.

I posted a picture of a sheep farm on my wall. Heee.  Literally.  I ripped it out of a catalog and taped it to the wall above the changing table.  If I'm going to have one, I need to build a barn shelter first with fencing and then research what the good wool sheeps are.  I'll need to know how much it costs to feed them.  I'll need to dedicate myself to the work of maintaining the sheep.  There will be the initial investment for the shelter and fence and then for the sheep.  Oh and vet costs too.  I wonder if you can have 1 sheep or if they do better with 2 or 3? I don't want to start too big.  Maybe I should join the sheep 4-H club with Lilly.  I also happen to be friends with an actual sheep farmer.  I should talk to her about it.

This would all be easier if I just had a Sheet farm.

Josh and I switched from PBR's to Busch.  I feel that Busch is a better beer to drink in Michigan.  Plus, I think it's cheaper now.  Busch put's me in mind of Reggie Bush, from the Lions, and I like to cheer for the Lions, and what better way than drinking Busch while watching Bush!

(That's what she said! (?))

I just changed Lilly and I was looking at the sheep farm picture and I had a revelation!  I've always wanted an Australian Shepard, and if I get a sheep farm, I'll totally need one!

I was also thinking about my friends still in college.  They all got very stressed out and tired and busy at once, and I realized it's school.  College is a weird thing.  It's very bipolar.  First there is summer and no school and you are carefree and all you have is work.  Then there's school and it's doable...and then the semester gets on and all the papers and tests are due at the same time and it's very stressful. Then, when you start to think it will never end and you can't go on any more, it's over and BAM!  Stressfree and no class and everything's wonderful.  When you have a salary job, it's a lot more grey and the same all year.  Less ups and downs.  I think I miss the bipolarness a lot.  It gets pretty boring doing the same thing all year long.  That leads me to the one thing I did like about my job in Nashville.  We had three meetings a year with the board, and it was stressful for a few weeks before hand getting ready, then the whole office traveled to the meeting location (out of state always, to a casino tribe because they are the ones with the space and resources to host the meeting) and it's a fun week of feel good work.  Like I'm actually doing something worth doing.  Then we get back and everyone relaxes for a week before we start up again.  At the meetings too, I get to talk to people I don't normally talk to.  I make friends.  I only made 2 women friends, and they are great!  I made several man friends too. Mostly because there are more men than women in the environmental fields.  That's who I talked to mostly.  I don't quite fit in with the other fields like economics or education, as they where more suits and dress fancier.  They don't let the formal rules slide as much as the environmental people.  This leads to general disagreement sometimes and lack of support when the fields want to work together on a project.

I do hate casinos though.  They are beautiful and horrible.  It's always worth going in to see the money spent on the decorations and to inspect the theme.  There is always a theme to the whole building and it represents the culture of the tribe.  You can learn a lot about their culture by looking at the casino and the materials used to build it and the decoration themes.  They are all works of art.  Art filled with addicts.  Cigarette addicts and gambling addicts.  Bittersweet. 

If you hear of any good jobs in the western Michigan area, please let me know!

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