Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Como frijoles? How you bean?

Well well well.

This week is strangely flying by on the back of a snail.

I have started a new exercise regime.  In my head, I am running 3 miles everyday, doing tons of sit ups and push ups and pull up. After one month of doing this, I will be ripped and muscly and walk like I'm in complete control of my body and could probably take you head off at my leisure.  (Make sure you pronounce that "Ledgsher" not "Lee-sure").    Not only will you want tickets for the arms show, you'll pay good money for them.

In real life, not in my head, I've gone to Zumba twice.  Zumba is hip swiveling dance exercise.  Before it starts I visualize myself looking like the instructor (see above paragraph), then it starts.  And two songs in I remember that I cannot stand sweating and being out of breath and worry that I'm going throw up and then faint into the pile of puke.  I then give up looking tough and settle for not dying in the next hour.

In between zumba I usually walk one mile everyday at work, slowly, at a nice pace.

The other day I had an appointment to see a nurse practitioner.  In the waiting room they are always playing a nice happy movie on the big flat screen HD TV (everything else in the waiting room is old and kinda dirty).  Usually the movie is Ice Age or Happy Feet.  This time it was an African bush man, a 12 yr old British white boy, and a cheetah in a boat.  Eventually they landed and walked around the desert together.  The Cheetah let lions chase it so the lions wouldn't eat the humans.  That's about all I got from the movie.  In the waiting room was a few other people.  One of the guys kept on talking.  I don't know if he was talking to someone (no one else was around him) or to himself, but he was quite angry and was swearing a lot.  I tried very hard to look compassionate and understanding.  I don't' really know what that looks like though, so I don't' know if I succeeded.  Then a van pulled up outside, and this angry guy and another guy ran out to it.  So maybe Mr. Angry was talking to the other guy, but they were sitting far apart and at awkward angles to each other.  I watched Mr. Angry climb into the van and noticed that his pants weren't very tight and were sagging down and I saw his naked butt.  I went back to watching the Man Boy Cheetah movie.

Next week I go to Palm Springs, CA.  I can't wait.  Nice hot dry weather, no allergies, computer and lab people to meet with, and a kick ass art museum that lets people in for free on Thursdays!  Oh and the hotel is on some hot springs, so I'll be sitting in the hot springs pool with supposed medical and healing properties.  Mountains.  If I had a rental car I could either climb them or take a gondola to the top.  Otherwise it's about $25 each way for a taxi. :/  If you want a very relaxing, minimal adventure vacation, I say go to Palm Springs.  It's amazing there.  Also, I'm told that is where ladies who like ladies vacation.  I plan on going as one of my retirement vacations, when I'm older.  You know, when I turn 35.


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Ryan Lakanen said...

I started a running regimen in January. I got off of it when gearing up to go to NYC, cause I was too busy and too tired. Anyway, in order to not hyperventilate, have chest pains, cramps in my chest/sides, and pass out, I would be sure not to push myself and breathe/meditate to lower my heart rate when walking in between jogs. Lowering my heart rate probably wasn't so great for aerobic exercise, but it was a fun game and sure did make me feel better! :p I need to work in strength training, too, but have been too lazy. /sigh

Anyway, if you want to try the running program, it works you up gradually. It's called C25K (couch to 5k) and there's an app for it you can get off the market on your phone.