Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pre Work Out Motivation

Tonight is my exercise night.  I am going to a Zumba class with a friend.  I've heard of Zumba for over a year now, but didn't know what it was (at all) until I actually went for the first time over a week ago.  To me Zumba is dancing sorta dirty (I don't dance this way at weddings!) but with stupid footwork.

If you don't know, I am unable to dance if I have to follow choreographed or established footwork.  Not only are my sense of Left and Right broken, but I cannot keep a proper beat for the life of me.

And Zumba isn't just in sets of 4s or 8s but can change to 3s and 6s.  That just means the counting of the beat changes...but no one tells me when.

A better explanation of Zumba is if you mixed kick-boxing with latin dance, sorta.  You do a whole lot of sticking your butt and chest out and in rapidly.  It works your core.  And I'm sure that's why there are guys in Zumba.

So, to recap, I will be spending one hour tonight moving in the opposite direction of everyone else, while flailing my arms over my head and shaking it uptown and shaking it downtown.  Fun. Fun. Fun.

And when it's all over I will smell bad.

(Nothing new there)

I'm just sarcastic because I hate exercising, just like I hate brushing my teeth.  It's annoying, hurts a little (sensitive teeth), and reminds me that I need to see the dentist.  Exercising is annoying, hurts a little, and reminds me that I am not in shape. I still brush my teeth, and I still need to exercise.

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