Sunday, March 11, 2012

Redneck Drama

So, when I get off my lazy bum and upload my pictures off my camera, I will tell you about The Tornado That Never Was of 2012, but until then, you are going to have to deal without it.

One thing that happened, that I can tell you quick, is that we tried to make friends with the only neighbors that seem to be about our age and have similar interests.  Turns out we were very very wrong.  Not only were they all under the age of 21, but their interests involved showing us side boob and tattoos as well as D.R.A.M.A. of the most redneck kind. 

Now I am not perfect, so I am going to share one of my bias opinions based solely on my limited experience.  These kids grew up in Galletin (and some still live there) which is about an hour away from here.  Galletin is a redneck suburb of Nashville, north of the city.  Antioch is the ghetto suburb south of Nashville.  It has been my experience that people who have grown up in suburbs do not leave the suburbs and do not have a very expanded view of the world and life.  Not everyone, but many.  I think this is what leads to crazy drama.

Two days ago or so (Friday?), I got home and was talking to Josh and we start hearing yelling outside.  The sliding door was open, so it wasn't like it was incredibly loud, but loud enough to clearly hear each word.  The kid, one of the twins who lives in Galletin, not here, but visits the girl who lives here, was yelling at the woman who lives above them.  She is older, 40's or older, not under 21.  I don't know if they knew her from before or not, but what are the chances that they were able to move into the same building as someone they knew?  I think very low, but I dont' know on that.  But what he was yelling was "At least I don't hit women, unlike you. You twat!"  Then he yelled "Your own son can't even stand to be around you!"  The woman called the police and they showed up, two cars, and hung out for a few hours.

Who uses the word Twat anymore?  Who ever used it?  If I was that angry, I have a few other choice words I'd use instead of that.  AND who yells at an Elder?  If you are that young, can't even drink, what gives you the right to yell things like that that publicly to someone who is older and has more life experience than you?

I am so glad they didn't want to be friends with us. 

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