Friday, March 9, 2012

Women: Loving Things More Than Looks

Technically, this picture is suppose to be a link to an article about the history of women, geology, and going into the field.  I like the picture because it shows that the woman in it loves rocks more than she loves her looks.  She's wearing the tophat because it's the closest thing they had to a hard hat back then.  She's wearing a big skirt for protection I'm sure and because women were not allowed to wear pants.  She is holding a rock hammer, most essential tool of a geologist, and is standing on some rocks.  What kind of rocks are those?  They could be sedimentary sandstone.  I like to think that they are metamorphic rocks that have been smoothed down and etched with lines by glaciers.  That's what it looks like to me.  Look at the mountains in the back ground!  They are definitely somewhere with little vegetation.  And you can see her husband, bored, unadventurous, lame, sitting in the background.  He's tiny and white on the left of the woman.  It could also be a rock I guess.  Who knows?

Also her skirt could definitely be labeled as plaid - the favorite pattern of a geologist.

This is Wonder Woman.  She's taking a break.  Fighting the wrongs of the world is hard work, made harder with a pebble in your shoe.  I like her because she has brown hair, small boobs and strong large calves.  Look at those legs...they could totally kick your ass.  She doesn't like to kick ass, but will if pushed to it.

Susan B. Anthony I also believe loved the ladies.  She loved rights more though.  So, the theory behind this comic is that she will get both Rights and Ladies in one fell swoop.  Awesome.


Kathy Benison said...

Awesome post, Lindy!

Mommy said...

My theory on why women wear skirts.
Many years ago, like 10s of thousands, (Lindy could tell you) during the Neanderthals, when women didn't wear clothes,the easiest way for a her to take a pee was to stand and spread her legs. When conditions were very cold and snowy or when there were lots of biting flying insects, clothing had to be worn, so why would a woman want to put on a pair of pants, cause bearing the ass in such harsh elements was not very comfortable. So, she wore a skirt. I have learned this from experience. This was BU. (before underwear)

Mommy said...

Also, that women in plaid, probably didn't care too much about the types of rocks and their scientific names.
She was probably trying to build a house. Poor thing, those women did work hard.

Db said...

Mom. Maybe she was just trying to pee?

(You should read the article the picture is linked explains what she's doing)