Sunday, January 8, 2012

General Thoughts

I am suppose to be showering to prepare to go to a friends house.  But when I get there, we are going on a 4 mile hike.  I'll be wearing a hat.  I'll need to shower again for work tomorrow.  Maybe she won't mind dirty hair.  But Josh showered today to go to work...where he gets all dirty.  It's sort of inspiring.

Yesterday Josh and I went to Kroger for a quick grocery shopping trip.  We only spent $30 and I hope the food lasts all week!  But the point is, we were waiting in line to pay, and the larger woman in front of us was wearing white underwear with polka dots of different colors.  I know this because she thought her black nylons were leggings that you couldn't see through.  I think.  That's the only reason I can think of as to why she didn't put a skirt/shorts/long sweater/anything on over it.  I wonder when she will figure it out and how.  Josh didn't notice until she was done paying and leaving....and he even got really close to her to put his stuff on the conveyor belt.  It's all I could look a bad car accident.

Two years ago, during the flood, a school near where I live, had a portable class room building float down the expressway.  It eventually smashed into all the cars underwater and trees and broke apart into pieces.  Later I was told that Extreme Home Makeover came and rebuilt the school.  It wasn't until this week that Josh and I noticed the big giant super fancy building that's all blue where the school is located.  But it's been over a year when the TV show was suppose to have done it in a week, so why didn't we notice it?  Our hypothesis' are that 1. it took a lot longer than a week to truly finish because it was a school not a house 2.  You have to turn your head and look behind you to see it while driving down the expressway, so maybe I just never looked 3.  We couldn't see it in all it's glory until the trees dropped their leaves 4.  Josh and I are just completely unaware of our surroundings.

The school looks like a giant jewel in a field of mud.  It's the most expensive and newest thing in a several mile radius (like 5 miles all around or more).  I wonder when the school will start to look old.  I'm hoping it'll take maybe 20-30 years or more.  Wait, there is a new Zaxby's...but the school is still nicer than that.

The Sears in the our mall is closing.  That means that only Macy's will be left of the large department stores (Dillard's left before we moved down here).  I just don't know what the mall will do now.  The Sears auto center I think did a lot more business than the rest of the mall.

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