Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ketchup: The Breakfast Condiment of Champions

I like my food burnt.  I don't want a red steak.  I want a steak that was cooked through (pink in the middle is good now) but then at then the heat was turned up and there is a burnt crust on it.  I like when the onions are browned that the cook "forgets" about them and they get a little crispy burnt on the edges.  I like to leave the scrambled eggs in the pan longer once they are done so that they get browned/burnt on the bottom.  I like my pizza cheese crispy on the top bits and along the crust edges. I like the top of lasagna and the edges of brownies.  I like my hotdogs burnt.

Control your eating by controlling what you buy.  If you only buy healthy food you will only have healthy food to eat.  If you can't afford a lot of healthy food, buy less of it.  Then eat it.  That way no food goes to waste and you save money.  That's my theory.  I'm much better at controlling how I spend my money than controlling what I eat.

I just ate a piece of burnt garlic in my food I made and it was AMAZING.

Okay, my food is amazing completely and inspired this post.  I cut up some onion, yellow bell pepper b/c I don't eat green bell pepper, and garlic and fried it until it was burnt and soft and nice the way I like it. It was salted and peppered appropriately as well. Then I added some baby spinach, oh and garlic wine vinegar (vinegar (any cooking kind) is the secret ingredient).  I didn't wilt the spinach as much as I do other greens, it didn't seem to want to wilt that way, so I added one egg and made vegetable scrambled eggs.  With ketchup.  I always feel that ketchup is a lame condiment and take away from all the great natural flavors of good cooked foods, but I can't help it, it's sooooo good on eggs!  And hash browns.  And breakfast potatoes.  Ketchup is a breakfast condiment I guess.  I think I would prefer it to a homemade salsa on my eggs.  I think.  I'd probably split my eggs in two and put ketchup on one half and the salsa on the other half and eat them as an experiment to see what I like better.  And then I'd probably lie to myself and say it was the salsa, but know deep down it was the ketchup.

I also love buttermilk.  I think I will go have some now.


Ryan Lakanen said...

Now, why don't you ever ask for the ketchup when we make eggs? :p I used to put ketchup on my eggs. Sometimes you can still find me putting a bit on there if they're cold and/or bland.

suekimmy said...

I smiled after the steak part and before the buttermilk part. The beginning and end made me a little queasy.

Mommy said...

I guess you're not allergic to ketchup.