Friday, January 20, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Caffeen

A Thankful List:
1.  For having mostly 1st world problems - okay so probably all of my problems are first world.
2.  For restaurant gift cards - allowing Josh and I to spend only $20 (including tip) for both of us to get steak.  For you who have a husband that eats steak every night...I can't even imagine.  I don't need it again for a month or more.
3.  For my sweet and totally awesome truck
4.  For seeing a giant crane fly across the road in front of my truck and inspiring me to imagine what it would be like if I had a pet crane that lived in the bed of my truck.
5.  For my job, it gives me something to do and money and insurance
6.  For vision insurance and for Josh not needing glasses
7.  For surprise "straight up espresso"  That just happened, right after I wrote number 6, and I'm not sure what I got myself into.  I'm just glad I chose tea this morning instead of coffee.  It's sort of like sipping whiskey on the rocks only with coffee.
8.  For friends and knitting together
9.  For Al Gore for creating the internets allowing pictures of cats to take over
10.  For my growing coaster collection on my desk. I'm a pretty big fan of all of my coasters.  I finally found the one I got at the Renaissance Fair last spring and brought it in.  It's cork with a picture of a castle on it.  I don't have any other cork coasters.

A List of My Concerns:
1.  Overpopulation
2.  Alien Apocolypse
3.  SOPA and PIPA and clueless old cranky politicians breaking the internet because they are out of touch with the younger parts of society and run by untrustworthy rich greedy entertainment moguls who are afraid of change and are clinging to what little power they have left from the past when they were at the top.
4.  Cable news
5.  Anti-bacterial soap, flu shots, and death resistant germs
6.  Patented plant genes
7.  How this espresso is going to affect me
8.  The rights and quality of life of migrant workers.  I was thinking it would be a great project/idea to set up a non-profit, or hells just go do it, to have a person travel with migrant workers as a teacher.  They live with the groups and teach the kids when they can and it would work better than no teaching because the teacher moves with them.
9.  For the world's fresh and clean water supply
10.  For when the world realizes we are out of oil


Merritt said...

Personally, I'm more concerned about the zombie apocalypse than aliens. I prefer to assume that aliens are nice, friendly, and helpful, like on Star Trek...

Db said...

Ah yes Merritt, it is a good point. I just know that personally,if I see an alien, I will shrivel up and die, even if they are standing there non-threateningly. If I see a zombie, well, I know I can shoot it, run from it, obtain a machete and smash it. I'm hoping for the supervolcanoe eruption apocalypse.

suekimmy said...

I really want to know about this espresso. Teach me how to write down a number six and have an espresso appear... I'd love to be able to do that.