Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Potted Plant Habitat and Stupid Water


I had started a different post this morning, but forgot what interesting things I was going to say!  It was all depressing and sad, and today I don't want to be sad and unhappy, so I deleted it.

Here is what I wanted to say:

We have ants in one of my houseplant pots.  It's my favorite cactus style plant that I've been wanting forever.  My mom has one and my plan growing up was to get one when I was an adult too.  Well, last spring, I was finally adult enough to purchase one, pot it, and keep it out of reach of Ackbar.  He loves to bat the leaves off one by one.  And now there is a colony of ants in it.  It grew a mushroom too this fall!  The pot of earth did that is.  So it's my little habitat, not just a cactus plant.  The ants came out when we brought the fire wood in from the porch when they replaced the slider door.  They made a long line from the wood to the pot.  Josh says they came from the pot.  I say they moved from the log to the pot.  How else would I get a tiny colony of ants in a potted plant??  They found the candy cane decorations I put on the mantle too.  There is such a small amount of ants compared to the war we fight against them in the spring time around the rest of the apartment that I am inclined not to mind them there.  Plus, neither of us are going to eat the candy canes, and there are three other jars full of them.

(Look at that sweet rock!)

So the dilemma is do I let them live and be a part of the family or do I try to get rid of them, possibly harming my plant at the same time?  What would you do?  Ants are good for the soil.  By the way, the soil was totally indoor potting plant soil that I bought.  Sigh.  That was the hardest part, paying for dirt.  I have become one of the suckers that paid good money for my parents' manure.  I asked my parents but they would not bring soil from home for me to use.  This is probably smart on their part, it would go a long way to transporting invasive species.  The same reason why they would not bring me firewood either.

Paying for firewood and dirt is all part of why the city is not a good place for me to live.  Plus, I dont' live in a fun part of the city.  I live in a ghetto suburb without sidewalks or parks.  I have to be on constant vigilance when I drive making sure I don't hit homeless guys or teenagers walking around.  It does make things more exciting though.

Do you want to hear a long annoying story?  Yes?  Good.  The other morning, it was raining.  My theory is that when it rains, some of that storm water makes its way into the water system and is filled with Stupid.  People wake up, drink some Stupid water, and then drive to work.  The Stupid is always worse when it rains here you see.  So it's raining.  I'm driving to work.  It's one long road and once you get out of Antioch proper (past the mall) it goes down to one lane.  It's a one lane road all the way to my work, except for 100 feet inbetween two lights where it has two lanes.  It takes me anywhere from 15 to 45 min. to get to work depending on traffic, time of day, if school is in, and if someone pissed off the crossing guard/four way stop traffic director.  I've sat for 15 min trying to go less than a quarter of a mile because of the crossing guard wasn't letting my lane of traffic go.  So there is a long line of traffic on a normal day.  You just drive in a line of 30 cars or so and there is no point of passing anyone b/c all it gets you is spot 15 instead of spot 18 in a line of 30.  You are still going to go the speed of the car in spot 1 no matter what.  On this particular rainy day, the double lanes were merging into one lane.  The two cars in front of me were playing chicken and neither slowed down to let the other in.  Finally the car being the ass in the lane that was ending, slowed down and got behind the car in front of me, then got in the left turn lane and passed three cars on the left through an intersection and got back in line.  See incredibly Stupid and pointless.  Maybe if it wasn't pointless I would be slightly understanding, but it was.  I passed that guy when he finally turned left 10 min. later.  He got no where faster and put a lot of people in danger.

For a delicious cup of healthy coffee, add ovaltine.  It has vitamins and makes your coffee chocolatey. 

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