Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Delicious Delicious Soup

Josh and I have been feeling under the weather this week and have very low stores of food in our house.

Yesterday I looked in the freezer to see what we had.  We had a bag of frozen cut up veggies that I had cut up earlier this year and froze for just this situation.  It was turnips, carrots, and peppers.  What kind of peppers?  I have no idea, but one was VERY spicy and one was not.  There was also a frozen bag of yellow that for weeks and weeks now I've been telling myself it's corn.  And then the other part of me goes, No, that can't be corn I remember eating all of the frozen corn.  I also found 4 frozen chicken legs in the freezer and a container of low sodium veggie broth in the pantry.

I poured the broth in a big pot and added 1.5 Cups of water.  I put in the legs frozen and waiting for the water to boil.  Then I cut up an entire onion and put it in with the chicken.  Once the chicken legs were cooked through, we removed them from the soup and added the rest of the frozen veggies.  The bag of "corn" turned out to be grated yellow squash and added a nice thickness to the soup without gross squashiness.  We pulled the meat from the chicken bone and skin and put it back into the soup.

Spices included:  Salt, pepper, Terregon, ground savory, basil, celery seeds, and powdered slippery elm for health.

I think you could use any spice you wanted.  These were just what was out and celery seeds are my favorite so I put them in everything really.

BAM!  Delicious chicken soup!  No need to thaw anything.  I think it still took 1.5 hrs to cook b/c it all started frozen, but we were also just taking our time to cook it...I bet you could cut it down if you were smart enough.

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