Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ant Update

I'm not sure I'm going to get Christmas cards out this year.  I hope anyone who doesn't get one takes it as a personal offense.  Mostly it's because I'm lazy as hell.  AND I didn't buy Christmas cards.  I went searching for my stash the other night, and it was empty.  I'm also on vacation.  Who wants to do Christmas cards on vacation?  Not this girl.

Our Scotch tape is also too big for our dispenser.  So that's difficult.

I heard from my sister that the ants are just creating an early base for the upcoming take over in the spring.  She votes kill them.  She also hates ants more than most bugs.  I don't know though, those ants may have helped a mushroom grow in the pot and that was awesome.  I do not dislike ants like she does.  It took a lot to motivate me to discover why there were ants all over my couch.  I was fine just living with them.  At least they weren't in the food.

Once, when we lived on Belmont in Nashville, my mom sent me delicious cookies in a bag.  The postman left them on the porch and hundreds of tiny ants got in the box.  Hundreds of them.  Josh brought it in and just left the box on a plastic lid of a tub in the apartment.  I had to bring the whole thing out covered in ants.  We went through each cookie and blew off all of the ants we could find and then ate the cookies.  My mom's cookies are that good.

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