Monday, October 31, 2011

Update to Imagine

So.  It's the end of the night.  Josh got me pumped with some hard cider and candy.  We totally put away the clothes and moved the bed.  There was a little bossing around where Josh wouldn't let me vacuumed before AND after the bed moved, so the floor isn't vacuumed the best.  Ackbar was worried but enjoyed the excitement.  The next steps are to move more furniture, clean better, finish the laundry and finalize putting away the summer clothes.  Then onto cleaning the closet. 

We got rid of one plastic weapon and I found a book, an eye pillow, and some papers.  There was a ton of litter between the mattress and the box spring.  I don't know how that got to be.

The best part? I can lay in bed and stare at my volcano picture now.

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Ryan said...

Glad you were able to get stuff accomplished! :)