Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Business Cards Imply Adult Status

I noticed that I had recently discussed a perfect evening with Josh.  We actually set a date and planned it out!  Then I got sick, then he got sick, then he got sick again, then we both got sick, and it never happened.  The sickness involved being very cold, very tired, poor sleeping where you sweat all night but are also cold, and then once you start feeling better, you hack up loogies every 5 min. and have to spit them out for 4 days or so.  I know who I got the flu from and I know who I gave it too.  You can totally track it.

This morning, I received an email that I was cc'd on (it was sent to me, but it was written to the main recipient) and in it a coworker described me as "the girl he works with".  I had a conversation with him about how that isn't appropriate or professional.

I am now feeling powerful because I stuck up for myself for once and it went well.  It was not all horrible like I'd imagine.  It also made me think of all the reason's why I am not a girl.  First off, I'm married, a person with the title, Mrs. cannot be also labeled as a girl.  I may be young, but I am closer to 30 than 20, I have completed my schooling (no longer a student) and have a professional job with my own business cards.  All of these are society's signs that I am an adult!  And not just any adult, I am the working woman heroine (hero-een, female hero, not the drug), in all of the romance movies, only I've reached happily ever after.  So according to cultural media, I am the most powerful right now than I ever will be.  Hhhmmm...but in real life, it does not seem that way.  I have old white men with life experience trying to teach and mentor me, whether I ask or not, implying that they don't think I know truly what I'm doing (which I don't and I suppose I don't try to hide it either).  I have a woman boss who is not much older than me, but definitely has more experience...I would definitely say she's in her most powerful time right now and is much better at the power than me.  I have a feeling that media has it wrong, women aren't powerful in their twenties, but in their thirties.  Before the wrinkles set in, but after many lessons have been learned.

Also, I found Josh's first old man extra long white eyebrow hair.

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