Monday, November 14, 2011

In Which I Eat an Apple and Type at the Same Time

It sure has been a while hasn't it?  Well, it's been quite a busy past few weeks here in Nashvegas.  During the days it was all GET-READY- FOR-THE-MEETING at work, then at home it was all P.A.R.T.A.Y!!!

Just kidding on that last part.  It was more like SLEEPING.  We did go out one Friday night for a friend's birthday.  We went to Tribe, one of the local gay bars.  The bartender called Josh "babe".  I think he was shocked and maybe a little complimented.  I always feel happy when bartenders say nice things to me like that....but I'm a woman and that's what men do, compliment us.  (Not really sure what I'm talking about here...just typing really fast.)  Then we went to Karaoke! Whooo hooo!  I love karaoke so much.  We went to a different place than my normal bar, and it was much less crowded.  The best part?  I got to sing Wonder Boy by Tenacious D!  The other place has a strict no Tenacious D policy.  It's my favorite song to sing.

Sunday I woke up early and drove with co-workers to Philadelphia, Mississippi.  Mississippi mind you.  Have you heard of this town? Probably not because there is nothing there.  The casino was nice and I actually did like the incredibly and unbelievably long walk from the room to the main meeting area.  The food was terrible though!  And having to avoid wheat as I do, there was very little to choose from.  Mostly just chicken wings.  There were no veggies the entire week.

I tried to bring my own food, which mostly worked out well.  I did have to eat one gluten free bagel with peanut butter.  It was dry and horrible.  I only like bagels when they have 1/4 inch of cream cheese on them.  I had bought some rasberries and brought them with me.  On the first day I ate a bunch and then felt terribly sick.  The sickness pain hit me while I was walking through the loud and smoke-filled casino floor to our "food".  I sat down, then had to get up and find the bathroom.  I asked a woman at the nearby resteraunt, and she wouldn't let me in there and looked at me like I was a freak because I didn't know where the check in desk was.  I found the woman's bathroom just in time to throw up in the garbage can in front of the woman cleaning the bathroom.  That was fun.

My new position at work is sort of a big deal.  I didn't know.  I've already got Chiefs lined up and waiting to talk to me.  I exaggerate only a little.  The head boss here talked to me again.  That's like a record or something.

How long does it take for fruit flies to hatch from an apple core?  How long can I keep an apple core on my desk before my coworkers make me throw it away?  Oh, I need the fruit flies to feed my venus fly trap.  I might catch some ants tonight and bring them in tomorrow to feed it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new position at work, again.
Sorry about puking berries up. I bet that was awful, for you and for the lady that was cleaning.
The apple thing depends on if the apple is from a local market or from the supermarket. The ones from the supermarket are, on average, 21 months old when you buy them, so they will rot faster. If it's from a local market you have about 2 weeks of it sitting on your desk before it gets soft enough to break the skin, if you want to help it along you could poke holes in it. You might want to put it in a dish or something because apple goo is really sticky and can ruin particle board desks (which I know you don't have... you have solid cherry from what I remember, ;) ... ). You're going to have to leave a window open and put the apple/goo/venus fly trap near the window for maximum effect.
Regarding your co-workers, If you can hide the rotting apple from plain view (perhaps behind a photo in a frame) and mask the smell with potpourri or dirty sneakers in your filing cabinet, I bet you could make it about six weeks before they snoop enough to throw it out!
I hope your plan works well, that plant looks like it's starving!

Db said...

Well, I just have the core left, so I don't need to poke holes in it. I have the perfect spot in my office though between the window and the drawers on the ledge. I put the apple and the plant there for now. No one can see it! And I've been wanting to get an airfreshener for my office. This will be a good excuse to do so! The apple is local from Michigan...but it's been a while since I received it. Sarah visited her family and brought a bunch back for me!

Apples are 21 months old when I buy them? That's almost two years. Did you mean weeks or do they somehow super preserve the apples?

Anonymous said...
I was wrong, it is less than a year. See pages 5 and 8 of this document for more information.