Friday, October 14, 2011

Well Dressed Woman

Today is Casual Friday...the best day of them all.  I'm wearing my comfy new jeans.  They are very nice looking but are not skin tight and do not have built in fade marks. I like them because they are standard jeans, they make no assumptions, they are no nonsense.  They are also too long, so I have the bottoms folded up 1.5 inches.  I've grown to love the look (I must fold all my jeans/pants up). 

I am wearing an older green tshirt that must have been high quality and I've worn it for years, but it isn't too faded nor is it stretched out at all even though it's a stretchy tshirt.  It's a nice forest green.  I wore my scarf that my mom knitted for me, but I designed.  It's one of my more favorite things I own.  It's mostly a dark green with a light green mix and some spots of purple and gold.  It looks like moss and has the texture of bark on a tree sort of.  I designed it to go with my brown leather coat, the coat is the tree and the scarf represents moss and leaves and a sunlight dappled forest.  And it actually does.

My hair is day old, meaning I didn't wash it yesterday or today.  It is looking nice since it's casual friday and I am going for a non-professional business look.  The ends are all sticking out but the left side is a little flat.

For shoes I'm wearing my favorite pair, my gnome kicking shoes.  They are black slip on skating shoes.  World Industries is the brand.  They have little bloody hand prints sliding down the sides of them...from all the gnomes I kick.  They are a size too big for me and I have Dr. Scholl's really expensive inserts in them.  They are the best most comfortable shoes I've ever owned and Josh bought them for me.  I love it when he buys me shoes.

Oh, my socks don't match my outfit...they are polar fleece (surprise surprise) flame print that where the back ground is black and the flames are bright yellow, red, green, purple, blue, etc.  I wanted to wear just white cotton socks today but I couldn't find any in the sock basket. I  think I shifted them all to the bottom the other day when I was looking for my patterned nylon sock things.

I also wore this kahki jacket from Cabella's that my parents got me when I graduated college.  It was the first time I wore it this season and I found green gloves in it that match my outfit perfectly!  It also has a Gorillaz pin on it that is a green apple core.

My earings are tarnished gold hoops.  I got 3 hoop earrings, silver, gold, and copperish for $6 at Target yesterday.  They are much higher quality, despite the price, than the ones I got rid of.  (I got rid of them to make room for the new ones).

I'm just so amazed at how well I match and how well I'm put together today and I honestly did nothing to make it so.  I wore the shirt because it was a tshirt and was in my drawer, I wore the jeans because it's casual friday, I put the hairband in my hair b/c it's dirty, and I wore the scarf because it gets really cold in the office.  I put on the shoes because I love them.  And the jacket is just the right weight for the weather.

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