Tuesday, October 25, 2011

C & P Straathof Family Camp

Went camping with the family this weekend.  We met them up in Indiana (down for them).  It was a very nice private campground next to an old limestone quarry that filled in with water to be an awesome swimming hole.  It was too cold for us to swim, but it was nice to look at it an imagine.

We got a camp site as far back as possible and no one was in sight!  I was as loud as I wanted to be all day and all night!  I yelled and talked loud and laughed and didn't worry about bothering my neighbors.  It was wonderful and refreshing.

My favorite part was when my brother and Dad found a large stick and started playing baseball with it and the green walnut balls of death on the ground.  If you hit one good enough it cracked into a bunch of pieces and the hard nut in the center would fly straight at the pitcher - usually my brother.  That's me in the picture...I missed the walnut, it's down by my left shoe in the picture.  And yes, that amazing blue truck is indeed my truck.
 Since I mostly see my family outside, this is a good time to introduce them to you, my following.

This is Mandy my sister, Lianne my Sister in Law, me, and Josh.  I'm not sure why I'm so dramatic.

(The gnome followed my parents down and did a poor job of guarding against racoons.)
 This is my dad.  He kept stuff in the front pocket of his overalls, making his chest and belly look bigger than normal and really weird.
 This is me with dirty hair, my mom, and my sister.  My mom made the hair band she is wearing.  Hopefully I get one in black someday.  Mandy is the cute one.
This is Mandy and her husband Nick.  Nick likes beer in an artist's sense, not a drunken lout sense.  I suspect that he drinks less than the rest of the family, but drinks a lot better too.  Also, Mandy is a lot more like me than you all think.  Do you see that face!?!

My mother did not email me a picture of my brother, so you are going to have to do with this screen shot of a stick man with little legs and arms drowning in a lake formed from a phallic cloud. 

And that was my weekend. 

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