Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Dream Date

A Perfect Evening:

1.  Josh is home and showered (so he is clean).
2.  I'm clean as well.
3.  Most everything is picked up in the apartment.
4.  Dinner is in the oven or pre-made when I get home.  All that needs to get done is putting it in the oven to cook when it's time to eat.
 5.  The dishes are done.
6.  Josh and I play a short game like Skip-Bo or Yatzee.
7.  We go for a walk or a run...this assumes he's purchased new running shoes.  Oh, I guess if we go for this run, we don't have to start out clean and showered.
8.  I knit and Josh watches football.
9.  Then we play a nice drinking game and I get ever so slightly tipsy off wine.
10. Then we go to bed between 11pm and 12am and get to sleep in until 9:00am. 

That's a lot to do in one night but I think it can be done.  I should print this out and give it to Josh.  He doesn't read this stuff I write.  It can't be done this Friday though because I have it off and it's implied in my list that Josh makes dinner and does the dishes and everything is ready when I get home.  Not, I spend my bonus holiday working.  Maybe Thursday night...

In a really perfect world, Ackbar would be well groomed too.


suekimmy said...

I guess it's good to aim high.

Db said...

Ha ha ha! :D I prefer to aim realistically. Less room for disappointment.