Sunday, January 30, 2011

For the First Time, I Hope the Groundhog Sees His Shadow.

It's beautiful out here.  Yesterday it was a high of 64 degrees.  When I first stepped outside, I was a little saddened because (you should sit down for this)...I wasn't ready for winter to be over.  I know...I must have been captured by aliens.  But with summer comes some worries and stresses that winter does not have.  Winter is for hibernation and being lazy, and I'm not done hibernating before summer comes.  Oh, and the springs here are too short...not long enough to fully soak in and enjoy blink, go on a work trip, and BAM it's 95 degress out for the next 5 months.  Which I think, but have not decided, may be worse than Nashville's winters.  When it snows here, I get the day off work and can stay inside.  When it gets above 100 degrees and I don't have AC in my truck, I have to drive to work in my skimpiest outfit and then change when I get there so I don't show up all stinky and sweaty.

Here's what's stressing me about summer:
1. clothes.  For some reason I never ever buy new summer clothes and tank tops.  I didn't last year...not one thing.  I always feel poorer in the summer than in the winter.  And it's hard, now I have to work on purchasing work clothes that can handle constant AC inside.  No fun slinky summer dresses, no tiny tank tops, all my clothes budget goes towards boring work clothes and cardigans.
Goal:  This spring/summer I will purchase 3 "going out at night" tops. I will purchase one slinky dress and 2-3 fancy skirts.  All appropriate for Nashvegas or the Hipster scene.  If I get hipster clothes, in theory, I can get them from the goodwill.  Oh and these tank tops will be meant to NOT be worn under anything.  If they can't double as something else, then I must get them.
2.  Summer makes me feel like I must always be accomplishing something.  It's always sunny and warm.  And growing up that means go outside and do something while it lasts.  Well here, all it does is last.  And whenever I give myself a day off I sit inside and feel guilty.  I feel guilty right now...I'm writing instead of cleaning.
3.  The heat really does make it impossible to do stuff.  Last summer we'd get home from work and I wouldn't want to go to the pool b/c that meant either walking in the heat or getting in my truck AGAIN and driving there.  I know it's sounds like I'm weak, but the heat really was that bad!  This year though, I'm going to tough it up and go more.  It'll help b/c we are going in the cold now to the exercise room to do our running.  If we can do that, then I can do it in the heat too.

I just never feel adequet in the summer.  My clothes are not as nice as anyone elses, I'm too fat for all of my clothes too...and I don't mean that in a negative way, I mean I've gain 20 lbs since I've bought all of my summer clothes, I never have enough money to do all of the fun stuff, I don't have enough energy/drive to do all the fun free stuff,  Josh is always busy with school or working, which limits the stuff I can do.  Summer is just a constant reminder of all of my perceived shortcomings in life.

I suppose you could say this has been the best winter of my life. :)  I even spent a week in Florida!  With old people wearing fanny packs, so I looked great, no matter what!


Anonymous said...

Buy some summer "going to the zoo" clothes.

Anonymous said...

how's the flossing going?

Db said...

1. Zoo clothes is a great idea!
2. Flossing is a fail. BUT I did get my teeth cleaned today and no cavities!