Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fun ... At Least Trying to Have Fun

Here are Some Fun Things I'd Like to Do:

1.  Attend two music festivals this summer
2.  Get Josh to come with me on a work travel for once
3.  Go camping so much it becomes easy

So far these are what I meant when I said fun things.  I'm having a hard time at this...

4.  Have a real picnic somewhere nice with Josh
5.  Go to a park, spend all day there.  Paint a picture, grill some food, drink some wine, write in a journal.  Spend so long there that I actually get bored...and then stay longer.
6.  Decorate a cake and then eat it
7.  Go to the Chattanooga Aquarium
8.  Go on a tour of Jack Daniels
9.  Go to a vineyard and do wine and cheese tasting.
10.  Go on the Spelunking Tour of Mammoth Caves
11.  Visit the Lost Caves and go on the underground river boat

This list is sort of a fail.  None of this really strike a chord in my heart, but I guess it's a start.  I've sort of given up on fun I guess....spontaneous pointless fun anyways.  Friday's we have game night with friends, Saturdays are our long runs now, and Sundays Josh works.  It's that damn work thing.  WHEN can I live my life with my husband the way I want.  I want to go on weekend trips.  When I have a three day weekend I want to LEAVE, but I can't b/c he works every Sunday so we can buy groceries and eat delicious food, and buy the expensive kitty litter that flushes, and the healthy cat food, and real sour cream.

Which brings me to a very good point.  Publix has failed me and I'm severely disappointed in them.  I don't think I will care any more if I shop there or not.  Publix is the "upper middle class" grocery store for slightly crunchy/environmentally aware moms.  Kroger is for the ghetto.  Well,  I bought Publix brand (who always say their brand is just as good on commercials) of sour cream.  I looked at the ingredients and it had corn starch and milk whey.  I told Josh that it wasn't real sour cream because real sour cream wouldn't need a cheap thickener.  When we tasted it, it tasted TERRIBLE.  Bleh.  It tasted like cheapness in a tub.  So, we decided that since we buy so litter sour cream (just when we plan mexican) that we can afford to buy the most expensive kind, Purity.  All of Purity's milk products taste amazing, but you pay what for what you get, of course!

To make up for that, I bought Kroger brand pan spray instead of PAM spray.  I really like using brand name pan spray b/c it makes me feel like I'm on the commercials when I use it.  But I know it's the same stuff in both cans...:/  so I got the cheaper stuff that was even on sale.

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