Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Resolution Recap

Today I'm going to review my resolutions so far.



  • Budget - Fail.  I have done nothing towards this.  Josh and I did set a limit to going out to eat only once a month and we buy frozen pizzas and Trader Joe's Indian Food for the nights we don't feel like cooking. A frozen pizza may be expensive, but it's tons cheaper than delivery!  We also make an active effort at using coupons and making wise purchasing decisions.  I need to work harder on the decisions!
  • Be organized - this is on its way to success.  I'm working diligently, but slowly, on revamping my personal planner, as well as cleaning regularly.  I also put together, decorated, and hung up our newest spice shelf that we bought at Ikea in the summer.
  • Not to be ashamed to shop at Publix - we shopped there once.  It was good and bad.  Bad  because it was more expensive and bad because we bought the Publix brand of sour cream.  BLEH!  It tasted terrible and when I looked at the ingredients I realized it wasn't really sour cream, but stuff that looks like it and is reminiscent of the taste of sour cream.  From now on we will spend the extra money to get the good stuff, it was so bad.  Publix was good because they only have expensive sandwich meat choices, so we get tasty meat.
  • Live the life I imagined I would be living - this ties into the whole clean house thing.  I'm also working on doing my projects, and I drink tea sometimes.  I'm getting a haircut regularly, I wear makeup, and I blow dry my hair often.  It's a definite success so far.  Next I would like to reorganize the family room and the bedroom even more as well as have even more fires in the fireplace...though I think we are still doing a good job at that.  I have to get better at folding the laundry right away, not a week later.
  • Run Country Music Half Marathon - Success...we're training. I can do three miles.
  • Keep the house clean - half success, half fail.  This goes in spurts...sometimes I do a lot, sometimes I do nothing.
  • Floss daily - Utter fail.  My only grace is that this is my resolution every year and I fail every year.

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