Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feces in the Eye

Yesterday was a terrible day.  I woke up with a wine hang over and Ackbar stepping on my eye on his way up to the dresser to be naughty.  I had to lay there and hold the water cup still so he wouldn't spill it on my phone.  He attacked the straw in it, pulled it out, through it on the ground, and killed it.

Then I got ready to run 2 miles with Josh...and just before we left, we played with Ackbar.  We gave him a catnip infused trilobite knitted for him by a friend, and he was super frisky.  His pupils were sooo large, I leaned into his fort to get a close look, and he reached out and pawed me in my eye!!!!  His claws weren't out, but it hurt so bad.  I instantly collapsed on the floor and Josh tried to help me.  Ackbar continued to attack my legs and feet.  I'm pretty sure he wanted to eat me.  We also now know that he would win in a fight.  It took about an hour before I could open my eye mostly normally, and it watered all day.

We still ran our two miles, I was upping my distance from 1.5 miles and was excited to see if I could do it.  I couldn't....I had to stop 1.5 miles in to go to the bathroom and that was that for me.  Goal not accomplished and my eye still hurt.

Then later, in front of Josh, I remembered that I had opened a Kohl's credit card without telling him and then forgot about it.  We were both disappointed in me.

For dinner we had no onions, so therefore we had nothing we could cook because all of our delicious meals require onions.  After 30 mins. of thinking about it and eye pain, we decided on homemade pizza.  This turned out good, it was the best sauce and crust I've ever made.  I don't even know how the crust turned out so good, it's the same recipe as I normally use.  I added a can of italian tomatoes to a can of tomato paste for the sauce, and that's what improved the sauce.

Afterward I drank 2.5 beers and fell asleep on the couch by 10. 

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