Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"The world believes what it wants to."

Cleaned my apartment today.  It's been a multi-day project.  It's not company clean, but it's closer than it's ever been without company.  What's spurred this?  Well...  I've been reading confident women books and living an organized life books, and they all say that a well balanced woman should have her own personal space just for her.  Naturally, I wanted one...but our apartment is rather small.  After months of looking around for a spare corner for my own chair and a side table and area for me to keep my reading book and set my tea cup in our apartment, I came to the conclusion  that there isn't one.  Surprise surprise.

Josh has his own space.  It's his desk/computer area/den.  I try my hardest to not clean it and to not make him clean it, but to let him clean it as he likes.  He gets a WHOLE room!  Last week I dreamed that we had a second bedroom that we had forgotten about, it was completely empty but for 3 boxes and a piano.  I was pissed that we had had it for so long and hadn't made it my room yet.  So, our solution?  I get the living room area!  It's not as enclosed and personal as I would like, but it's pretty big...and it has a large comfy couch in it.  And Josh's orange chair. :(  I would replace it with a pretty green Victorian chair if I could.

Josh got that chair when we lived in Mount Pleasant.  I'm pretty sure I drove past a church on campus that had a bunch of stuff out front and called him and told him to pick up the chair.  He says it took him 45 min. to figure out how to fit it into the trunk of the car and get it home, alone.  Therefore, it's his chair and we cannot get rid of it.  I don't mind...he did do what I asked and it was hard.  It's a good reward.  Plus Ackbar loves it and they are the same color...Ackbar and the chair.

Anyways, the room is mine now.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  The bonus is that I can secretly a capture the dinning room too.  So far the only update I'm going to make so far is to make pillows to go on the couch.   I want to put a pear applique onto the pillows and then decorate them artsy like.  I've cleared off the kitchen I can set up the sewing machine there, I hope.  Last time I tried to use the sewing machine, in Belmont, it was a cramped disaster.  I hope it will work out better this time.  My Aunts, Mom, and Oma, always wonder why I havn't sewn anything yet, but it's because I was writing a thesis and lived in the world's smallest apartment with the most stuff.  I will sew, but as my mom tells me, when it's the correct time.  I also knit, journal, paint, and draw...for art.  I play video games, get sucked into tv, and drink a lot.  That takes time too.  As well as keep my husband happy (playing board games sillies!).   My life is busy busy busy.  And I think I've finally reached a balance in my life.

Speaking of finally getting things in I have paid off everything except the credit card bill (which could be worse than it is) and put a $1000 payment on that.  Josh's school loan check came in just in time.  I haven't felt so caught up and on top of things in a while.  Oh and our school loans aren't paid off...of course.  That's going to take 15 yrs or less.  If it takes more, then they automatically dismiss I'm told by them.  But I don't trust the government that much.  They love my money!

Josh and I played racquet ball, and since we've been running so much, it was the best game ever!  I lost twice of course, but it was almost close.  I, at least, didn't get too tired out to play, I'm just bad.  It was amazing how much I didn't get exhausted because I have better endurance than I've ever had before.  Did I mention that we are training for the Nashville Marathon?   We are only running the 1/2 marathon, 13 miles. I'm terrified and so excited.  I know I can do it because I made it through field camp, and if I could do that, then I know I can physically do anything I know I can do.  Does that makes sense?  I can't win a boxing match and I can't be a model, and I can't fight things, but I can move distances.  I'm pretty sure I've walked 13 miles in one day before, possibly with a pack of rocks on my back, so I can do this, jogging a little.

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