Tuesday, June 28, 2016


My second tiniest child woke up in a good mood today.  She is amazing.

The garbage man and the recycling man came this morning to pick up my trash.  That is also amazing.  I pay 5$ a month or so for that privilege. 

I do not live in Venezuela.  I have food to eat.  Not only that, the government gave me $20 to spend at local farmers markets for Project Fresh, to help WIC people get more fresh food and help stimulate the local economy. That is amazing.

I am not as afraid of being shot or raped as a person in Nigeria, South Sudan, Syria, and other parts of the world.  That is sad.

I have a home.  Even if I don't like it and blame my house for making my new rug look bad, I do get to live in it and it meets my needs.  That is amazing.  It meets my basic needs, not my first world problem needs.  The utility sink is not really for using...it is a filter to slow the draining washer water so the basement doesn't flood.  I have to go somewhere else to wash my Teva sandals...90's version.

Which reminds me.  I wore my Teva's in lake water, then I left them in my hot hot hot car on a 90 degree day, wrapped in a plastic bag, still wet.  Bad Idea.  The smell was terrible.  I couldn't wear them until I washed them.

Okay, my child has requested mac and cheese, toast and jam and a pear.  This is the first tiem ever she has requested this much food.  or food that wasn't candy.  I have to feed her!

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