Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Pretty grumpy today.

Everyone is sick.  Lilly doesn't feel sick, but she is, so she's stuck inside. Josh is sick.  They all of chills and fevers.  It's HOT out and humid and our house is worse.  Then people who are the temperature of woodstoves want to cuddle me with a blanket on me.  I am not happy.

My house is hot and a mess.

I saw a yellow light and it was old, and then just as I was about to cross the intersection, it turned red.  I kept on rolling.  It's what Josh call's an "Antioch Red", which means, if the oncoming traffic hasn't moved yet, you can still get through.  It's hte only way to get anywhere in Antioch.

Then I came to the next light in downtown, and I was going 20 mph, 5 under the speed limit, and the same thing happened, and I just rolled on through.  Then I heard someone honk in an obnoxious angry way.  But none of the cars at the intersection were even moving yet...I couldn't figure it out.  So I figured it had something to do with the firetrucks in front of me.  They were all being moved around and taking up the whole road.  I had to stop anyways to wait for them.

Then a cop car pulls up behind me and puts on my lights.  Ugh.  He gets out and asks me what happened. do you say "I ran a red light" with out making it sound like I was blatently breaking a law?  I was also tired, slow and full of pregnancy brain.  I said, I saw it change as I went through but it was too late to stop.  The cop says "Okay.  A state trooper saw you run through and honked."  I said, "Yeah, I heard that..I couldn't figure out where it came from."  And he says "yeah, he called me and I said I'd stop to see when was happening."  Then I said "Okay, I'm sorry?"  B/c I didn't really know if he was the right person to apologize to for being human.  He seemed to understand.  Then he left.

I told Josh and his response was that the state trooper was probably a douche.  And that makes perfect sense.  That cop probably didn't want to pull me over any more than I didn't want to stop at that light...but he had to do his job b/c a state trooper made him.

Now I have to bring Ackbar to the vet.

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