Sunday, September 4, 2011

National Folk Festival

It was 100 degrees out yesterday.  I assume.  It's what the weather man told me 3 days ago it would be yesterday.  Three days ago I also agreed to spend the entire day outside listening to folk music.  And that's just what I did.

First I saw some Buck Dancing, which is best described as Appalachian Tap Dancing.  Well, that's the best's so much more I think.  There was an old skinny man who truly enjoyed dancing for people.  He loved to get the little kids up on stage and have them dance too.  I think the oldest on stage was 8 yrs.  One girl was so excited she kept on screaming while she danced.  The elder dancer said that this is how he started dancing, as a small boy watching and imitating until he was old enough to learn.

Sometimes I really wish I could go back and live in a time before electricity.  When the men worked in the fields all day and the women managed the house, and then we danced all night. 

Then I got too hot and thought I was going to be sick, so I went and laid in the shade next to a different stage.  Josh promised me Canadian bands, but we got a Mariachi band!  It was awesome!!!  I think I would like to learn more about the Mexican culture and history.  When they played, a woman with a brightly colored skirt danced around a man, holding her skirt out.  They looked just like two birds doing a mating dance.  I haven't seen humans imitating animals in such a way in real life ever.  It was beautiful.

I take that back.  When we were little my sister would crawl around and roar like a lion.  Sometimes she would oink like a pig, and Nathan and I would go "Hut! Hut! Little pig" and we would clap are hands and she would do what we said, but not very well, she was pretending to be a pig after all.  I still say and do that when I want to get people up and moving out.

Mandy is far superior at roaring like a lion than I am.  Or was she a Tiger?  I can't remember now.

Back to laying in the was exactly what I wanted.  It to be too hot out and relaxing in the shade with every reason to not move and no reason to get up.  Though I did miss the flea circus.  Alas, I can't do everything.

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Here ya go, so you can enjoy it again!